Galena Park ISD Instructional Contact Information

Main Switchboard


Please dial our main switchboard to be directed to the correct department/personnel.



Dr. Angi M. Williams

Administrative Assistant to Superintendent and Board of Trustees

Geneva Boyett


Administrative Assistant to Superintendent and Community

Danette Matthews



Deputy Superintendent for Educational Support & School Administration

Ken Wallace

Michelle Flores 832.386.1224

Director for Athletics

Vivian Dancy

Ivory Ross 832.386.4332

Rosemary Cooper 832.386.4333


Head Football Coach/District Athletic Coordinator

Jon Kay 832.386.4369


Executive Director for Educational Support

Ella Moreaux

Ana C. Salinas 832.386.1170


Executive Director for School Administration

Tammy Pankratz

Lupe Garcia 832.386.1234


Senior Director of Student Assessment & Accountability

Dollie Mayeux

TBA 832.386.1051


Coordinator for Student Assessment

Gerardo Ramirez

Tania Gonzalez 832.386.1185


Director of PEIMS & Data Quality

Donna Pruitt 832.386.1036


Secondary Student Applications Specialist

Jennie Alexander 832.386.1094


Elementary Student Applications Specialist

Maria Aguilar 832.386.1093


Program Director for Educational Support

Myra Castaneda

Katrina Flores 832.386.1506


District Registration Officer

Ruth Cruz 832.386.1504


Executive Director for Student Support Services

Dr. Mechelle Epps

Brittany Ford 832.386.1033


Program Director for College & Career Readiness

Dr. Kareen Brown

Maribel Amaya 832.386.1064


Program Director for Early Head Start

Barbara Garrett

Ana Lara 832.386.2000


Coordinator for Advanced Academics

Robert Seibert

Maribel Amaya 832.386.1064


Senior Director for School Administration - Elementary

Dr. Christopher Pichon

Keyla Santos 832.386.1066


Assistant Superintendent for Educational & Academic Support

Elizabeth Lalor

Rita Hernandez 832.386.1044

District Translator

Juany Aguirre 832.386.1477


Director for Fine Arts & Academic Enrichment

Sam Harris

Tammi Seals 832.386.1268


Coordinator for Secondary Fine Arts

Mickey Wininger

Tammi Seals 832.386.1268


Director for Career and Technical Education

Laura Mann

Jazzmin Sopchak 832.386.1041

TBA 832.386.1548


Coordinators for Career and Technical Education

Dr. Melissa Botkins 832.386.1252

Toby Castro 832.386.2296


Executive Director for Curriculum & Instruction

Holli Malloy

Karen Swinner 832.386.1279


Executive Director for Secondary Curriculum & Instruction

Jason Bollich

Tammy Skinner 832.386.1183


Program Director for Secondary ESL and LOTE

Michelle Smith

Laura Cisneros 832.386.1085


Coordinator for Secondary ESL/LOTE

Ana Segulin 832.386.1085


Director for Secondary Language Arts

Helen Tiller

Laura Cisneros 832.386.1085


Program Director for Social Studies

Laurie Patterson

Gladys Holt 832.386.1052


Secondary Social Studies Instructional Specialist

Thomas Atchley 832.386.1297


Program Director for Secondary Science

Elvira Salazar

Sara Salazar 832.386.1053


Program Director for Secondary Mathematics

Michelle Merritt

Gabby Ruiz-Esparza 832.386.1525


Secondary Mathematics Specialist

Cheney Tapiz 832.386.1255


College & Career Readiness Instructional Specialist

Shameel Ali 832.386.1263


Senior Director for Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

Judy Holbrook

Rocio D. Garza 832.386.1065


Director for Elementary Instructional Support

Livia Callahan

Rhonda Parrott 832.386.1160


Director for Early Childhood & Bilingual

Veronica Martinez

Carol Eureste 832.386.1068


Program Director for Elementary Language Arts

Janis Gaul

Roxanna Saucedo 832.386.1055


Program Director for Elementary Math and Science

Jacqueline Moreno

Roxanna Saucedo 832.386.1055


Coordinator for Elementary Science

Rebecca Boutte 832.386.1387


Coordinator for Elementary District Social Studies/Language Arts Integration

Velda McLeroy 832.386.1261


Executive Director for Federal Programs & Compliance

Amy Cole

Nelia Garcia 832.386.1028


Federal Programs Assistant

Michael Immel 832.386.1072


Director for Curriculum - Curriculum & Instruction

Tammy Kennedy Takeda

Sonia Sandoval 832.386.1069


Coordinator for Special Education - Support Services & Compliance

Eric Kirchner 832.386.1026


Special Education Records Clerk

Elsa Solano 832.386.1514


Transition Specialist

Anne Eaves 832.386.1186


Program Director for Grants & Community Relations

Sandra Mathews

Maricela Kruzman 832.386.1209


Program Director for Student Intervention Services

Nicole Johns

Rhonda Parrott 832.386.1160


Director for Special Education Assessment & Compliance

T.K. Dunbar

Flor Renteria 832.386.1082


Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

Amy Sterling 832.386.1156



Carliss Muse 832.386.1077


Director for Special Education Psychological Services

Andrea (Andy) Sellers

Maria E. Martinez 832.386.1080


Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP)

Elizabeth Yee 832.386.1025

Esthela Martinez 832.386.1012

Jackie Valero 832.386.1154

Karen Menard 832.386.1088

Kelli McCain 832.386.1079

Kristina Easton 832.386.1089

Leslie Jacobson 832.386.1176

Keleigh Kotzur 832.386.1071

David Khan 832.386.1172


Director for Student Support Services

Seretha Augustine

Tessy Saad 832.386.1076


Program Director for Social Services

Karen Haynes

Maricela Kruzman 832.386.1076


Coordinator for Migrant Education Program

Marissa Martinez 832.386.3666


Migrant Recruiter/NGS

Maria Bucio 832.386.3641


Lead Auditor

Carlos Villegas 832.386.3705



Jeanette Garza 832.386.3665


LSSP Interns

Gina Hockless 832.386.1025



Assistant Superintendent for Communication Services & Professional Development

Terri Moore

Janie Flores 832.386.1063


Aleida Gonzalez 832.386.1505


Senior Director for School & Community Relations

Sherrhonda Johnson

Tresa Orphey 832.386.1513


Senior Director for Professional Development

Karen Sutera

Toni Cavazos 832.386.1417


Senior Director for Teacher Development and Retention

Ofelia Garza 832.386.1384


Director for Education Foundation & Business Liasion

Wayne Oquin 832.386.1099


Foundation and Special Events Coordinator

Cathy Ethridge 832.386.1226


Coordinator for School and Community Relations

John Lewis 832.386.1230


Coordinator for Web Services

Chris Gause 832.386.1092


Communications Specialist

Elyse Rountree 832.386.1231


Coordinator for Community Relations

Paula Henney 832.386.1523


Main Receptionist

Elizabeth Vasquez 832.386.1001