Main Switchboard


Please dial our main switchboard to be directed to the correct department/personnel.


Deputy Superintendent for Operational Support & Chief Financial Officer

Sonya George

Edith Alvarado 832.386.1204

Employee Benefits Director

Colleen Martin



Employee Benefits Specialist

Stephanie Soto 832.386.1245


Employee Benefits Specialist

Jenny Bernabe 832.386.1276


Executive Director for Budget & Financial Support Services

Julie Lee

Shea Rodriguez 832.386.1017


Accounting Coordinator

Holli Sherrard 832.386.1120


Senior Accountant

Becky Roberts 832.386.1016


Account (Special Revenues)

Lily Barcenas 832.386.1021


Student Nutrition Accountant

Exel Galarza 832.386.1250


Senior Accounting Clerk

Laura Robison 832.386.1014


Accounting Clerk II

Janie Salazar 832.386.1013


Coordinator for District Budget

Christopher Young 832.386.1010


Director for Payroll Services

Amicha Williams

TBA 832.386.1273


Payroll Specialist

Cathy Ochoa 832.386.1271


Payroll Clerks

Sarah George 832.386.1248

Lisa Gonzales 832.386.1274

Anna Salinas 832.386.1270


Senior Director for Business Services/Tax Assessor and Collector

Ben Pape

TBA 832.386.1238


Accounts Payable Supervisor

Roxanna Macal 832.386.1023


Senior Accounts Payable Clerk and Travel Specialist

Lisa Oquin 832.386.1018


Accounts Payable

Teresa Espino (A-F) 832.386.1019

Christine Jolivette (G-O) 832.386.1022

Bette Speaks (P-Z, Office Depot, Sam's and Xerox) 832.386.1481


Purchasing Coordinator

Adian Sloan 832.386.1008


Procurement Card Specialist

Trinidad Mendoza 832.386.1181


Purchasing Clerk

Mary Flores 832.386.1009



Lloyd Smith 832.386.1029


Student Nutrition Buyer

TBA 832.386.xxxx


Tax Office Specialist

Beatriz Martinez 832.386.1237


Tax Office Clerk

Jony Canales 832.386.1239


Tax Office Clerk

Belinda Mendoza 832.386.1236



Assistant Superintendent for Human Resource Services

Dr. Wanna Giacona

Pam Grant 832.386.1241

Executive Director for Human Resource Services

Mike McKay

Elizabeth Valdez 832.386.1207


Certification Specialist

Veronica Castro 832.386.1206


Executive Director for Compensation and Human Resource Services

Pat Galvan


Lead Salary Clerk

Cecilia Negrete 832.386.1243


Salary Clerks

Roxanna Rodriguez 832.386.1214


HRS Specialist

Karla Capetillo 832.386.1518


HRS Receptionist

Paty Gonzalez 832.386.1003


Senior Director for Recruitment and Retention

Dr. Aneka Van Court

Debbie Salas 832.386.1227


Employee Attendance Specialist

Susan Glover 832.386.1296


Senior Director for Human Resource Services - Elementary

Jerid Link

Marissa Guajardo 832.386.1229


Senior Director of Risk Management and Non-Exempt Services

Larry Helgesen

Gina Martinez 832.386.1275


Employee Leaves Specialist

Barbara Selman 832.386.1233


Assistant Superintendent for Operations

John Moore

Betty Garcia 832.386.1221

Executive Director for Treasury and Capital Project Management

Yvonne Johnson

Damaris Rodriguez 832.386.1259


Senior Director for Operations

Paul Drexler 832.386.1056


Lead Director for Facilities Management


Molly Walding 832.386.1223


Dirctor for New Facilities & Planning

Harold "Sonny" Fletcher 832.386.1056

Jamye Clark 832.386.2050


Cost Analyst

Barbara Reed 832.386.1056


Director for Custodial Services

Levi Gaston

Assistant Director, Joe Tobias 832.386.1213

Assistant Manager, Javier De La Cruz 832.386.1162

Senior Administrative Assistant, Susan Garcia 832.386.1219

Irene Cavazos 832.386.1287


Director for Student Nutrition

Dorinda Eubanks

Debbie Weber 832.386.1211


Student Nutrition

Connie Gable, Supervisor 832.386.1285

Peggy Capps, Assistant Director 832.386.1286

Dolores Garza 832.386.1472

Vicky Leago 832.386.1284

Keona Robertson 832.386.1283

Evelyn Parra 832.386.1549


Lone Star Grill and Catering Manager

Laura Landeros 832.386.1421


Lucia Nuñez 832.386.1421

Damiana Franco 832.386.1421

Veronica Claros 832.386.1421


Manager for Warehouse Services

Steve Hanson



Warehouse Services & Copiers, Lynn Nutt 832.386.1006

Shipping/Receiving, Rick Garland 832.386.1007

Textbooks/HCDE Records, Jodie Carmicheal 832.386.1289


Mail Room & Copy Center

Rosa Betencourt 832.386.1067

Anay Ortiz 832.386.1067


Executive Director for Security & Cybersecurity

Bryan Clements

Laurie Killough 832.386.1217


Security Clerk

Yhadi Martinez 832.386.1151


Business Applications Coordinator

Cathy Ayala 832.386.1492


Business Applications Specialist

Veronica Pedraza 832.386.1095


Director for Security & Emergency Management/Foundations

Brian Allen

Yolanda Ayala 832.386.1032


Executive Director for Technology

Darlene Lovinggood

Aracely Torres 832.386.1038


Program Director for Business Intelligence

Rebecca Bell 832.386.1035


Program Director for Instructional Technology

Michelle Young

Janet Ramirez 832.386.1038


Coordinator for Technology Services

Kathy Brownlee 832.386.1500


Technical Help Desk

Michael Duarte 832.386.1500


Mobile Device Analyst

Ruth Morris 832.386.1482