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….As summer for us (coaches and players) comes to an end, we greet annual camp practice with great anticipation and excitement.  Our introductory practices  will be filled with review, instruction, and physical/mental repetition. We know that their effort will be great and the execution will improve with every repetition.


>>As coaches, we speak to them about habits constantly.  The actions we perform consistently create pathways in our nervous system in a manner that enables our brain to function efficiently without a lot of effort.  When we practice a movement/skill over and over, we become experts at this movement.


>>Our players are taught to do things exactly as they are taught by their coaches.  Our staff is on the same page in the way that we teach certain things.  There are differences between position groups but there is much similarity and commonality from an athletic standpoint.


>>The concept of mental repetition is critical to our success as a team.  There has to be a limit to physical reps to maintain the health and strength of our team.  We try to be smart in how we structure the physical things that we do.  Our team understands the importance of meeting, video-teaching and critique, as well as walk-through periods of practice.  That has proven to be of great benefit to our program.


>>Incorporated into our practice planning are individual, group, as well as team-type of special teams skill drills.  In addition, position-specific weight-lifting is scheduled periodically following.  Our approach in the weight room is to continue to train to gain through preseason and into the season.  Players are encouraged to take drinks of water between reps and water breaks are scheduled every 30 minutes during all activities.  Hydration and proper nutrition are critical to, health, wellness, and optimum performance.


>>Our entire program of players are coming into fall camp in very good physical condition.  They have worked very hard and their bodies show it.  They will continue to work hard as we prepare to play games.  We achieve essential benefits in the area of mental/emotional preparation for the upcoming game schedule through focus and motivational sessions.


>>We work to find an EDGE.  Our edge will be strength, great conditioning, and the ability to play with mental and physical toughness.  The foundation of our program is to have everyone on our team be:



Pre-Season Practice Photo Gallery



Speed and Strength Camp 2012


Mustang Stretch


Medicine Ball


Power Pull-ups


Power Squat


Ladder Agility