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Rank One Paperwork


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Athletic Physical Form



Workouts that can be done outside of school



Always stretch before you workout. Do your agilities: high knees, butt kicks, lunges, high kicks, back kicks, wusa, power A skips, high knee crossover (karaoke), back skips.


Ball handling: finger tips, candy cane, TTO, dribble figure 8, flip, flops, spider
(be sure to keep your head up and bottom low)


Hesitations dribble – push/pull, in/out, crossover,

zig-zag dribble – crossover, behind the back, between the legs, reverse spin,
 (be sure to keep your head up and bottom low)


Form shooting:
-elbow at right angle, hold your follow through(hey girl), triple threat position
- layups – left and right
- shoot from the elbow (remember to dog leg correctly)


Passing – chest passes and bounce passes– good form, thumbs down, stepping into the pass (against a wall or get your family out to play)


Defensive slides – GET LOW! Straight back, arms out, slide your feet and call “BALL”

Remember to run at least 3 times over break. Do a five minute jog and 8 - 12 second sprints.