Mission Statement

The health and well-being of our employees is a primary concern of Galena Park Independent School District. The mission of the Employee Benefits Department is to provide competitive benefits and services to our employees with courtesy, dignity, and respect while maintaining confidentiality.


American Fidelity Disability

All current American Fidelity Disability policy holders of Galena Park ISD, please review the read more link for changes to your Disability policy effective July 1, 2016. Read more


TeleDoc/My Health Pass

Any person enrolled in the TRS ActiveCare 2 or ActiveCare Select plans will continue to use Teladoc® as you have in the past. However, when calling Teladoc you must provide your name, date of birth, and tell them you are a TRS Aetna Teladoc®member.

Any person enrolled in the TRS ActiveCare 1HD plan or any full time employee who has waived health care coverage, will still call the Teladoc® number and provide your name and date of birth. However, when you are asked for your employer’s name, you must say you are a My HealthPass®member.

Any person on TRS ActiveCare 1HD or any full time employee who has waived health care coverage must re-enroll on line prior to using the services or you will be charged $40.00, even if you were enrolled in the past. If you would like to “self-enroll” in My Health Pass, you must go to www.Teladoc.com and enter HEALTHPASS3 (all caps) in the “Employer or Insurance Provider” field. If you would like to enroll over the phone, please call 1-800-835-2362.

The use of Teladoc and My Health Pass is free of charge (other than as outlined above) to the employee and dependent household members. (Dependent children are covered up to the age of 26.)



MyHealthPass does not replace your primary care physician. It. i,s an affordable and convenient option that allows you to connect with US doctors, 24171365 right over the phone. who can diagnose, recommend treatment or prescribe medication (when necessary) for many of your medical issues without the need for an office visit!

MyHealthPass is powered by Teladoc, the premier telehealth provider in the nation.

Teladoc physicians are U.S. board certified, licensed in your state and have an average 15 years of practice experience. With your consent information regarding your consultation can be provided to your primary care doctor for follow up on your next office visit

• Sinus Problems
• Cold & Flu Symptoms
• Allergies
• Respiratory Infection
• Ear Infection
• Bronchitis
• Rashes
• And Morel
Take a doctor with you - 24/7/365 access! No internet access, No problem - Call Teledoc at 800-835-2362



Visit the www.teladoc.com and use PROMO CODE:


Complete the "My Medical History'' section on line or over the phone.


A Teladoc doctor is always just a call or click away 24/7/365.


Please follow the attached instruction sheet if you wish to "self-register" online, at www.teladoc.com, using the Teladoc Promo Code: HEALTHPASS3; or simply call Teladoc at 800-835-2362 and a member service representative will walk you through the registration process over the phone.

For all customer service and billing related questions, please call MiyHealthPass at 855-212-6020
Normal business hours for the administration office are Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm, except holidays.

Best Regards,
MyHealthPass Member Services Team


Employee Beneficiary Change Information

Employees may make a change to their beneficiary designation any time during the year. In order to make a change in beneficiary, please fill out the corresponding form and return it to the Employee Benefits Office to facilitate your change.

Texas Life Beneficiary Designation Form

American Fidelity Beneficiary Change Form

Dearborn Life Beneficiary Change Form