The Employee Benefits Department operates under the Director of Benefits, and the Deputy Superintendent for Operational Support & Chief Financial Officer. Employee Benefits strives to meet the goals set forth by our Board of Trustees and Superintendent through prudent stewardship of its financial resources in order to support student success.

Mission Statement

The health and well-being of our employees is a primary concern of Galena Park Independent School District. The mission of the Employee Benefits Department is to provide competitive benefits and services to our employees with courtesy, dignity, and respect while maintaining confidentiality.

Important Information About Benefit Plan Cards

-You will not receive a new medical card unless you have changed plans.

-You will not receive a correct, new card on Sept 1st if you completed enrollment after 09/01

-Humana PPO does not provide dental cards.

-You will not receive a new Flexible Spending (FSA) card unless your card is older than 3 years.


Upcoming Wellness Events

All wellness events are listed on the First Class Conferences as well as in our Employee Benefits Quarterly Newsletter.

-November 10th-Back by Popular Demand-Lunch-and-Learn Series. November 10th our topic will be Physical Therapy. Registration is required in order to receive a free lunch. Registration will be announced through the Conferences on First Class at least 1 week prior to event.

-October 26th we will be offering Biometric Screening at Zotz for staff at Zotz. If you do not work at Zotz and would like to participate please contact Colleen Martin via email:

-December 7th-The Rose Mobile Mammogram Unit will be here to offer mammograms-This service is only available to those on the 1HD or ActiveCare 2 plans. Registration is required. Only 1 mammogram per year is covered at 100%. Mammograms are preventive only; no diagnostic mammograms will be performed.

-February 21, 2018, Mobile Physicals will be at GPISD. Each year employees are entitled to 1 free physical under their TRS ActiveCare Plans. This is a great way to get your physical and not miss time from work or spend time waiting in a doctor's office. This is available FREE to TRS ActiveCare 1HD, and TRS ActiveCare 2 plans members; registration is required. A notice will be placed on the First Class conferences when registration is open. This is open to GPISD employees on the above plans only, and is being offered through The Methodist.