Executive Director for Federal Programs & Compliance - Amy Cole

Secretary to the Executive Director - Nelia Garcia at 832-386-1028

Lead Auditors/LPAC - Juan Carlos Villegas at 832-386-3705

Auditor – Jeanette Garza at 832-386-3665


Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Bilingual/ESL - Veronica Martinez

Secretary to the Director - Carol Eureste 832-386-1068

Elementary Bilingual Instructional Specialists (District Wide)

Johanna Perez-Emmanuelli at 832-386-1372

Sandra Delgado at 832-386-1380

Sara Deniz at TBD


Program Director of Secondary ESL/Foreign Language – Michelle Reddic Smith

Secretary to the Program Director - Laura Cisneros at 832-386-1085

Specialist for Secondary ESL/LOTE - Jonalyn Evora at 832-386-1258

Specialist for Secondary ESL/LOTE - Sherri Riddle at 832-386-3664

Specialist for Secondary ESL/LOTE - Tracy Schmidt at 832-386-1448