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Texas Government Scavenger Hunt

Texas Government – Scavenger Hunt


Use the sites given to locate answers to the following questions.


  1. How many branches of government does the state of Texas have?



  1. Who is the governor to Texas?




  1. Name five of the 14 divisions of the office of the governor.




  1. Who is the Speaker of the House?




  1. Can the Speaker of the House vote on all questions before the House?




  1. In the Senate who determines the order in which bills are considered?




  1. Locate the names of the Senators and Representatives that represent you.


On this web page place the mouse over the word “Senators” on the left hand side of the screen.  Click on the words “Who represents me?”



  1. What is the address of the nearest local office of your U.S. Congressman?




  1. How many Justices are on the Supreme Court of Texas?




  1. What do the letters “tceq” represent?






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