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Campus Administrators

Lee Brown, Principal

Mary Dennis, Assistant Principal



Rotary International President Gary Huang

visits Cloverleaf and is knighting for his outstanding service

For more photos of his visit - click here

President Huang also knights a deserving student


Congratulations to our Rodeo Art Participants


Aryana and Marcos both received red ribbons at the

GPISD Rodeo Art Show!


Survivor Science


All 15 elementary schools competed in 3 science challenges in the ABCs: Academic, Building, and Challenges

on Friday, January 16, 2015 at the Administration Building

Science Survivor Series (S3) helps build problem-solving, measurement, and critical thinking skills that will help students with work and real-life.

Cloverleaf competitors were Brayan Santillan, Jasmine Blanco, Ashley Hernandez, Angela Lara, Jhonatan Lopez, Danna Vera and alternate Stavia Pieri-Padilla. Mr. O'Tool is the team coach!



Galena Park ISD has a communication system for quickly sharing information with parents by text, email and phone. The system is based on contact information that was submit in back-to-school paperwork at the beginning of the school year, or for students new to the district, upon enrollment. During the year, parents’ cell number or email address may change. Please advise the Registrar at your child’s school when changes occur. Updating school records only takes a few minutes and allows you to continue to get both routine and emergency communications that may be sent by the school or district.  Keep your information current to stay informed!


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