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Campus Administrators

Lee Brown, Principal

Mary Dennis, Assistant Principal


Geography Bee Team makes us proud!



Cloverleaf Elementary PTA donates $2,000.00

to the Wounded Warrior Project

Honoring our Veterans - November 11, 2014

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Frey

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Bear Fair takes over Cloverleaf!

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Beautiful butterflies

Mrs. Baldon's class releases their butterflies



Students Drum up Character at PTA Meeting




PTA Recognizes Outstanding Citizenship


Student Spotlight - Cloverleaf has compassionate students!

Lilly McCormick donated her beautiful hair!


Galena Park ISD Education Foundation

makes a surprise appearance to award a $1,000 grant to

our fabulous music specialist - Angie Self.

Ms. Self wrote a grant to incorporate Drumming Up Character into the music program in conjunction with our Early Act First Knight Program!

We are so proud of you Ms. Self!







Please read the updated GPISD cell phone policy:

District Cell Phone Policy 2014-2015

The District allows students to possess cell phones while on school property or while attending school-sponsored or school related activities on or off school property. Cell phones must remain turned off, out of sight, and not used during the instructional day and while riding on school transportation, unless permitted by the teacher for instructional purposes.
Students who violate this policy shall be subject to established disciplinary measures. District employees shall confiscate any cell phones visible, heard or used during the instructional day on school property. Cell phones will not be visible during the passing periods.
Consequences for improper electronic device usage will be:
• 1. First infraction - The device will be confiscated and parents are notified and must come to the school to retrieve the device.
• 2. Second infraction - The device will be confiscated and parents are notified and a parent conference is scheduled to review the Telecommunication Devices Policy.
• 3. Third infraction - The device will be confiscated and parents are notified and the device will be held for a minimum of TWO WEEKS. A ten dollar fee will be assessed on the third infraction prior to the return of the device.
Any further infractions will merit the same consequences as the third infraction. After notification, parents will have 30 days to retrieve the device. If after 45 days the device has not been retrieved by the parents; the device will be disposed.
GPISD will not be responsible for the recovery of lost or stolen electronic devices.


Galena Park ISD has a communication system for quickly sharing information with parents by text, email and phone. The system is based on contact information that was submit in back-to-school paperwork at the beginning of the school year, or for students new to the district, upon enrollment. During the year, parents’ cell number or email address may change. Please advise the Registrar at your child’s school when changes occur. Updating school records only takes a few minutes and allows you to continue to get both routine and emergency communications that may be sent by the school or district.  Keep your information current to stay informed!


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