2015-2016 Science Fair Winners


7th Grade Winners

8th Grade Winners

7th Grade Physics

1st Place: Oscar Munoz

"Kelvin Electrostatic Generator

2nd Place: Hailey Ross

"Potato Batteries

3rd Place: Jacob Ramierz

"How to Reverse the Polarity of a Magnet"

7th Grade Chemistry

1st Place: Sroda Ahadize

"How to Slow Down Apple Oxidation Naturally"

2nd Place: Brianna Galleyos

"Can you cook using Sunlight"

3rd Place: Jocelyn Ramos

"Rusty Aluminum"

7th Grade Biology

1st Place: Alyssa Lugo

"Bacteria Race"

2nd Place: Aaron Rucker

"Our Warming Planet"

3rd Place: Dakota Schaefer

"The Science of Plants and Light Color"

7th Grade Behavioral Science

1st Joselinne Piedras

"Team Brain vs. Team Personality"

2nd Place: Madison Gonzalez

"How Does Weather Affect Mood?"

3rd Place: Cindy Rivas

"How Does Music Affect Ones Thinking"

Consumer Science

1st Place: Isabella Roubert

"How Does the Iron of Different Cereals Compare"

2nd Place: Marianna Derry

"Tide vs. Gain"

3rd Place: Rudy Torres

"Which Milk is the Best"

8th Grade Physics

1st Place: Evelyn Garcia

"Measuring Decibels"

8th Consumer Science

1st Place: Jennifer Place

"One's Man's Trash..."

2nd Place: Diego Martinez

"Harnessing the Sun's Energy"

8th Grade Biology

2nd Place: Amilion Kelly

"Teeth Staining"

3rd Place: Javier Cabrera

"Cleaning Water"

8th Behavioral Science

1st Place: Terria Williams

"The Effect of Music"

2nd Place: Magali De la Sancha

"How Does Smell Affect the Taste?"

8th Grade Chemisty

1st Place: Sena Ahadzie

"Making Natural Dyes

2nd Place: Ariana Suarez

"Effects of Different Storage Temperatures on the Yield of Popcorn Kernels"

3rd Place: Kamryn Lewis

"Effects of Temperature on Glow Sticks"