Lessons and Projects

The library program includes lessons on basic library skills and  research methods, as well as language arts, social studies, math and science objectives.  Students learn about the Dewey Decimal System, kinds of fiction, graphs, cultures and using online sources.  They also research topics and methods for science fair projects.

Mrs. Purvis decorates the classroom area with posters, maps, flags and souvenirs from her vacations in Australia for her students' favorite lesson.  She invites the social studies classes in for a trip to the Land Down Under explaining the history, economy and popular culture of this fascinating country.  Volunteers have the opportunity to taste kangaroo jerky and Vegemite.  Students then fill out a passport recalling things they learned from the presentation.





Language arts classes take turns working on a research unit on the Middle Ages.  Through daily lessons, they learn to cite sources, paraphrase and summarize information, organize their notes and compose a short research paper.  They present a creative element to the class and meet the Lady of the Library.  On the final day of the project, teachers and the librarian dress in period costume and discuss anachronisms with the students.


Spotlight on Readers

Cobb students participate in Accelerated Reader as a part of their language arts program. They select books, read, then check their comprehension using a computerized quiz.  If they pass the quiz, they are awarded points.  Students take pride in watching their points accumulate.  Cobb sponsors contests during the year to reward students who meet their point goals.