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Philosphy of Advanced Acadmics


The Galena Park Independent School District is dedicated to the development of each student to the extent of individual abilities.  The district has made a commitment to identify and serve gifted and talented students with educational experiences and/or services appropriate to their unique needs.  Students may be enrolled in a variety of programs including, but not limited to, Journeys, Encounters, Pre-Advanced Placement, and Advanced Placement.  Students are provided differentiated learning experiences with an emphasis on the processes of thinking, problem-solving, research, creativity, and communication.


Galena Park High School

Pre-AP and AP

2016 - 17





Pre-AP English I: Erika Fickessen (Hill)

Pre-AP English I: Brady Fish

Pre-AP English II: David Lombardi

Pre-AP English II: Kendra Walker

AP English Language: Amy Calzoncin

AP English Language: Dollie Rodriguez

AP English Literature: Kasey Turner



Pre-AP Algebra II: Sarah Tao

Pre-AP Geometry: Deborah Eaton

Pre-AP Geometry: Anastasia Batsios (Fress)

Pre-AP Pre-Calculus: Miguel Ramirez

AP Calculus: Miguel Ramirez

AP Statistics: Richard Urbano




Pre-AP Biology: Ernesto Benitez

Pre-AP Biology: Jolandria Johnson

Pre-AP Biology: Robin Murray

AP Biology: Catherine Swanson

Pre-AP Chemistry: Maria Vargas

Pre-AP Chemistry: Seir Ortega

AP Chemistry: Maria G. Barraza

Pre-AP Physics: Steven Botello

Pre-AP Physics: Catherine Swanson

Pre-AP Physics: Ila Prasad

AP Physics: Ila Prasad



Pre-AP World Geography: Sean LaBua

AP World History: David Norris

AP US History: Pedro Molinas

AP US History: Charles Waggoner

AP Government: Stephanie Sanchez

AP Government: Charles Waggoner

AP Macroeconomics: Aaron Washington

AP Psychology: Anastasia Batsios (Fress)




Pre-AP Music Theory: Isias Degollado

AP Music Theory: Isias Degollado

AP Art History: Antonio Hurtado

AP Studio Art: Wesley Frey



Pre-AP Spanish: Jose Sanchez

Pre-AP French: Youri Yenga

AP Spanish Language: Erika K. Gonzalez

AP Spanish Literature: Erika K. Gonzalez