Welcome to Galena Park Middle

The mission of Galena Park Middle School is to make students successful lifelong learners. Successful students are self-directed learners who have high self-esteem, possess process skills and have

a concern for others.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

How are we doing?  We want to know.  Please click the link below to take the survey.


Customer Satisfaction Survey



Galena Park Middle School offers tutorials every Monday through Thursday from 3:40 pm - 5:00 pm.  We would love to see your child attend.


Mondays - Social Studies

Tuesdays - English Language Arts

Wednesdays - Science

Thursdays - Math


If your child is struggling in school, after school tutoring may be an option to improve his/her understanding of academic concepts and increase his/her self esteem.


According to a survey of the research literature by Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, tutoring:

  • increases mastery of academic skills,
  • improves self-esteem and self-confidence,
  • improves students' attitudes toward school,
  • reduces dropout rates, truancies, and tardies,
  • breaks down social barriers and creates new friendships, and
  • provides emotional support and positive role models


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/667945


Dress Code for 2013 -2014


6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Black Shirts


Navy, Khaki, or Black Pants, Jeans, Shorts or Skirts


Solid Black Jackets with no logos

Red Shirts


Navy, Khaki, or Black Pants, Jeans, Shorts, or Skirts


Solid Red or Black Jackets with no logos

Blue Shirts


Navy, Khaki, or Black Pants, Jeans, Shorts, or Skirts


Solid Blue or Black Jackets with no logos


Spirit Day – Principal to designate days

Spirit shirt, college shirt, or standardized dress tops may be worn.


School Supplies


(1) clear or mesh backpack
pencil sharpener with cover
(1) zippered 3-hole bag (1) metric ruler with 3 holes
(2) 2 inch 3-ring binder (1) set of map pencils
(1) wide-ruled loose leaf paper (2) boxes of facial tissue *
8 dividers (1) bottle of glue or (3) glue sticks*
Pens (black or blue only) Red grading pens/pencils
#2 pencils 1 spiral tablet of at least 25 pages
Construction Paper

1 small set of earphones/ear buds

(for computer use)

2 Folders with pockets and brads

2GB flash drive

(for data storage for projects)


* Items are to be given to the teacher for storage


These supplies need to be maintained all year!

Additional supplies may be required by your child's team.


Free & Reduced Price Meals

Applications for free and reduced price meals are available now at each school and at the Student Nutrition Office at 14705 Woodforest Blvd. You may also apply on-line here. You will need to complete only one application per household. Please include all students in your household who will be enrolled in any Galena Park ISD school during the 2013-2014 school year. Remember that new meal applications must be completed each school year.


Skyward Family Access

Family Access is a web-based service that allows parents/guardians to view information on their students. Information available includes:
• Attendance records
• Student schedules
• Student grades
• General student information


Family Access Manual

Family Access Tutorial


Please contact Emma Calvillo at


for your login id and password


New Student Portal of the Texas Assessment Management System—TAMS

What is the Student Portal?
The Student Portal provides parents and students with online access to scores from the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), as well as the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), including TAKS-Modified (but not including TAKS-Alt), and the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) assessments.

Access to the Student Portal

Access to the Student Portal can be located at https://student.tx.pearsonaccess.com/texas-studentportal/home.html

How Do I Login to the Student Portal:
The assessment data in the Student Portal is reached through a Unique Access Code and the student’s birth date as provided on the student’s most recent Confidential Student Report. Students who have lost their Confidential Student Report are instructed to contact their school to retrieve their Unique Access Code.


Once students and parents have logged in, they will be able to examine test scores in detail, as well as link to the User’s Guide for the Student Portal and explanations of the test scores. The birth date, as provided on the student’s most recent Confidential Student Report must be used.

To access the parent flyer in English or Spanish:

TAMS Student Portal


For more information about how to login to the Student Portal, see the Student Portal User’s Guide at http://www.TexasAssessment.com.


GPMS Library


Check out the latest information here.


Bus Cards

Beginning Monday, August 26th students will be required to scan a bus card when getting on and off the bus.  It will be mandatory that the student have their card in order to ride each day. This will help ensure the student's safety on the bus and help in case of an emergency. 


CHILDREN AT RISK has released the 8th annual School Rankings across the state of Texas. "These school rankings strive to serve as an accessible guide for parents, educators, and community members on the performance of local schools and to spark important community dialogue on the quality of public education in Texas."


Galena Park Middle has received a report card grade of "B" and ranks 50th out of 283 schools in the Houston area and 290th out of 1,840 schools in the state of Texas.


To view the ranking report, click here.


For more information about the Children At Risk Organization, click here.


Think Through Math After School Program

Galena Park Middle School hosts the Think Through Math After School Program Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school till 4:30 pm.  Students participating in the program are awarded weekly by varying criteria.

Think Through Math is an adaptive online learning program that deepens students’ understanding of critical math concepts and problem-solving skills.

The instructional design of Think Through Math provides motivation + computer-adaptive instruction + LIVE state-certified teachers + actionable data.  When students use the program consistently and complete 3 lessons a week, significant gains are made in math achievement.

  • High quality instruction and interventions that match individual students’ learning needs
  • Curriculum is marked by effective, logical progressions from less sophisticated topics to more sophisticated ones
  • The system collects data based on individual responses and adjusts instruction to meet a student’s needs
  • LIVE Instructional Support – students receive immediate feedback as well as access to LIVE, state-certified math teachers
  • Curriculum emphasizes the concepts and skills that are directly related to later success with algebra
  • Spanish Support -  visual, auditory, simple language, Spanish translations and lessons structured in consistent ways

For more information about this program, click the link below.


Think Through Math


Character Education - Respect

What is Character Education?


Character education is teaching kids about good traits and core values that help them cooperate and get along well in society. It is based upon values that everyone can agree on — values that are not political, religious, or culturally biased.


As part of our character education program, Galena Park Middle School will focus on respect during November. Activities will take place highlighting self-respect, respect for authority and respect for other people and cultures.


Please discuss this important character trait with your child as they continue to develop the skills necessary to become productive citizens and lifelong learners.

NCLB Report Cards

Galena Park Independent School District is sharing this information about the district and your child's campus with you as part of Galena Park Independent School District obligations under the federal No Child Left behind Act of 2001 (NCLB).



Federal NCLB School Report Card

2011-12 AEIS

2011-12 School Report Card



STAAR logo


STAAR Assessment Info



Click here for more information.









Multimedia Festival Winners

Congratulations to the following students for creating such award-winning projects for the GPISD Multimedia Festival Contest this year.

Campus Winners:


Graphic Design

Jonathan Leal

Michael Aguilar

Valerie Salinas

Jaime Reyes

Azael Garza



Dorothy Robinson

Alan Acevedo

Arely Cano

Sarae Gutierrez

Rebeca Pinon

Brianna Benitez



Felipe Flores

Kassandra Vargas



Jessica Garza

District Winners :



Alexandra Saldana

Luis Alvarado

Sebastian Perkins



Carina Reynoso


Group Video

Hugo Martinez

Kylah Evans

Chelsea Moreno



Saeeliza Trevino

Jacob Montemayor

Raven Gutierrez



Nerina Evans

Internet Safety Poster Contest

Galena Park Middle School would like to thank all students that entered the Internet Safety Poster Contest.  Volunteers scored the posters and the top 6 were chosen to represent our school at the district competition.  The posters below made our top 6.  Congratulations and thank you for your creativity and dedication to our campus.

Created by:  Stephanie Garcia


Created by:  Letzy Perez


Created by:  Ashley Veloz


Created by:  Jessica Flores


Teacher of the Year


Congratulations to Mr. Tapner and Ms. Brittney Medrano for being selected by their peers as Teacher and Rookie Teacher of the Year at Galena Park Middle School.


Teacher of the Year                  Rookie of the Year

Brian Tapner                                Brittney Medrano

8th Grade Algebra                      7th Grade ELA




Immunization Clinic coming in April 2014!

If your child is in the 6th grade, they will need their boosters for the 7th grade. Do not wait till the last minute. Come take advantage of the immunization clinic on April 29, 2014 from 10 am -12 pm ONLY!!


Parents/ Guardian must be present. Bring your shot record ( They WILL NOT BE PRINTED IN THE OFFICE.).


Free immunizations to those who qualify.


Those 8th graders still in need of boosters for the 9th grade, please have your parents come to the immunization clinic too.


Do not forget your shot records.


Staar Testing Taking Tips-Do’s and Don’ts


• Make sure your children have eaten well on test days. Studies suggest that good nutrition is related to improved attention and concentration.
• Help your children by encouraging a good night’s rest before exams.  Children who are tired will have difficulty focusing on their work.
• Make the morning of test days pleasant. Stress will impair your children’s ability to perform their best.
• Remind your children to dress comfortably, perhaps in layers, so that they are able to adjust to the temperature in the room.
• Ensure that your children make it to school on-time so that they do not miss any instructions and are allowed ample time to settle in and relax before the test begins.
• Do bring glasses, hearing aids or any other assisted device needed.

• Don't bring a cell phone to school on testing days.

• Don’t schedule dental or doctor appointments on testing days.
• Don’t be too anxious about your children’s test scores. Although it is important to let them know that the tests should be taken seriously, it is also important not to in
crease test-taking anxiety.
• Don’t underestimate your influence on your children. Taking an interest in what they are doing at school and helping.


For additional tips:




The Dr. Ronald E. McNair Educational (D.R.E.M.E.) Science Literacy Foundation D.R.E.M.E. Summer Camp

 The D.R.E.M.E. Summer Science Camp is a two-week program for students currently in the 5th – 7th grade entering 6th -8th grade in the fall 2011. Students will attend classes daily from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 pm. The D.R.E.M.E. Summer Science Camp will explore the theme, “Influences of Energy, Space Exploration and Me on Our Environment”, through investigating ways to save planet Earth as well as to journey in space. Campers will study air and space transportation, including the moon, space station, and Mars as well as other celestial bodies. In addition, the curriculum will be interwoven with topics that enlighten and prepare us for future demands of energy such as – solar, wind, gas, and hydro. Students will also investigate the theme including the study of oceans and natural water environments and their shorelines particularly relating to oil exploration on land and off-shore. Campers also will study the increasing usage of robotics in these areas. In addition, hands-on experiments will be incorporated into camp activities and will include solar car races, rocket launches, art activities, field trips, and presentations by NASA, various educators, scientists, engineers, and other professionals.


  • Entering 6th through 8th grades in fall 2014
  • Interest in Science, Math, Energy, Robotics, and Technology
  • Science and Math Teacher recommendations
  • Parent/Guardian must sign application and camp exit evaluation
  • Must attend the entire (2) weeks of camp


For more information, click here.


Summer camp application


8th Grade Technology


All 8th grade students will be required to take a Technology Assessment May 1st.  Below are two links to practice assessments.  We highly encourage the students to review the material presented.


Internet Safety Tips

for Teens and Parents


For more information visit www.commonsensemedia.org


February 11, 2014


Dear Galena Park ISD Parents,


As part of a larger commitment to excellence in education, Galena Park ISD is committed to excellence in all of our athletic programs.  Participation in athletics encourages the development of positive character traits, which contributes to students’ personal growth and success in life. These traits include the drive to take one’s talents to the highest level of performance, embracing the discipline needed to reach high standards, learning to work with others as a team in pursuit of a common goal and adherence to codes of fairness and respect.


We are committed to the physical and emotional well-being of student athletes and to the social development of the whole child. We recognize that great demands are placed on students who participate in athletics.  However, Galena Park ISD athletes are expected to adhere to a level of conduct that brings credit to themselves, their school, and the community.


Galena Park ISD is a member in good standing with the University Interscholastic League (U.I.L.). As such, there are rules and regulations to which our athletic programs are required to adhere. These rules also include our spectators.


Athletics plays an important role in creating a sense of community, but unfortunately, this year we have had some less than desirable situations take place during athletic events, which do not reflect well on our fans or our district. There have been incidents of negative/derogatory/threatening remarks made toward officials, coaches, students, players and opponents. There have also been instances involving the use of profanity and vulgarity.


Please do not be the person in the stands that detracts from the teachings of fairness and respect for our athletesFrom this point forward, we are expecting to fill our stands only with fans that support our students and coaches and contribute to the positive environment they deserve.  Please be aware that anyone who violates the UIL sportsmanship regulations will be immediately removed from the event and may be banned from future attendance for up to one year.


We appreciate your support of our student athletes and coaching staff.  Please know it is up to each of us to model high expectations for our youth, especially as we prepare them to one day be the leaders of our community.


If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 832-386-4330.  Again, thank you for your continued support and cooperation.



Vince Sebo

Director of Athletics