Galena Park Middle School's Supply List



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Supplies Needed For All Grade Levels


(1) clear or mesh backpack
pencil sharpener with cover
(1) zippered 3-hole bag
(1) metric ruler with 3 holes
(2) 2 inch 3-ring binder
(1) set of map pencils
(1) wide-ruled loose leaf paper
(2) boxes of facial tissue *
8 dividers
(1) bottle of glue or (3) glue sticks*
Pens (black or blue only)
Red grading pens/pencils
#2 pencils
1 spiral tablet of at least 25 pages
Construction Paper

1 small set of earphones/earbuds

(for computer use)

2 Folders with pockets and brads

2GB flash drive

(for data storage for projects)





















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* Items are to be given to the teacher for storage


These supplies need to be maintained all year!


Additional supplies may be required by your child's team.


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