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Free Rice

Play the trivia game. For each answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to feed the hungry.

Animal Rescue Site

Click daily and sponsors provide food and care to homeless animals.

Lemons for Literacy

Similar to Free Rice. Improve your vocabulary while "squeezing lemons" to provide literacy resources.

The Hunger Site

Click daily and sponsors pay for cups of food.

The Literacy SIte

Click daily to provide free books to children.

The Welches SIte

(Watch the graph!)

Click daily and Welch's will provide eight 8 oz. servings of juice to hungry Americans.

The Breast Cancer Site

Click daily to give free mammograms to those in need.

The Child Health Site

Click daily to provide free healthcare to a needy child.

The Rainforest Site

Click daily to protect endangered habitats.

If you know of others please tell us!

Other Charitable Sites Asking for Donations

Heifer Project

Donations go to buy farm animals so people can have a way to keep feeding thier family!

Nothing But Nets