Attire                                                   Colors

Slacks, shorts, skorts, jumpers:             Navy Blue, Khaki, Black dress code bottoms

  Collared shirts or blouses: Any solid color


  Spirit Day – Principal to designate days

Spirit shirt, college shirt, or standardized dress tops may be worn with either jeans or standardized dress code bottoms.



·  Shirts must not have a logo and must be tucked in

·  Pants must fit at the waist or a student must wear a belt. There will be no sagging. Students whose pants are sagging will have their pants cinched with a zip tie.

·  Jeans may not have any holes or be torn or ripped in any way

·  No spandex, leather, or pleather pants, skirts, or shorts

·  Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be mid-thigh or longer

·  No leggings unless under a skirt or dress

·  Hair must be clean and out of the face

·  No gang or sports symbols may be cut into the hair

·  No backless shoes

·  No earrings on boys

·  A student’s dress cannot cause a distraction



  * This information will also be included in the GPISD Student Handbook.