Mission Statement

North Shore Senior High 9th Grade Center is committed to provide all the necessary resources and strategies so that students reach a high level of academic achievement through rigorous and relevant content to ensure all students exceed state and national standards.


Student Registration



New student enrollment for our campus begins August 4, 2014. Registration days and times are as follows:


Beginning August 4th

Monday through Thursday   8 am - 3 pm

at North Shore 9th Grade Center


Pre-register http://www.galenaparkisd.com/departments/registration/

through the Skyward Family Access System. (Skyward Family Access is a secure internet-based website that allows parents and guardians to easily enroll students, verify enrollment information and track their students' progress.  Each family who has a student enrolled will receive a username and password.)


The following documents are needed to complete the registration process:

  • proof of address,
  • birth certificate,
  • social security card,
  • immunization records, and
  • records from previous school.


Required School Supplies



Each teacher will provide a specific list of supplies needed for that course.  In general, all classes will need:


colored pencils


folders/binders (for organization)




Tardy Policy


North Shore Senior High 9th Grade Campus continues to focus on safety and quality classroom instruction.  One way students can help with both of these is to make sure they arrive to class on time.  It is also important that parents stress the importance of not being late to classes in order to maximize the learning time in each class.  The North Shore 9th Grade Staff will have a renewed focus on reducing tardies. 

NS 9 Tardy Policy

1st  Tardy =


2nd Tardy =


3rd Tardy =

Call-out to parent

4th Tardy =

D-Hall until 4:00

5th Tardy =

Friday D- Hall until 4:30

6th Tardy =

ISS until 2:30

7th Tardy =

ISS until 4:00

8th Tardy =

Principal's Discretion


North Shore Senior 9 Campus continúa centrándose en la calidad y seguridad instrucción en el aula.  Una forma pueden ayudar los estudiantes con estos dos es para asegurarse de que lleguen a clase a tiempo.  También es importante que los padres subrayan la importancia de no llegar tarde a clases con el fin de maximizar el tiempo de aprendizaje en cada clase.  El North Shore 9 personal tendrá un enfoque renovado en la reducción de tardanzas.  Quiero aprovechar esta oportunidad para hacerle conocer la política tardía debe su estudiante se acumulan demasiados retrasos.


NS 9 política de tardes

1st Tarde=


2nd Tarde =


3rd Tarde =

Llamar a padres de familia

4th Tarde =

Detention hasta las 4:00

5th Tarde =

Detention de viernes hasta las 4:30

6th Tarde =

ISS hasta las 2:30

7th Tarde =

ISS hasta las 4:00

8th Tarde =

Discreción de el principal






Internet and Mobile Device Safety for Parents of Teens


Tip of the Week



Digital Citizenship Tips for Parents


We live in a rapidly changing media and tech world in which kids are far more plugged in digitally than parents and teachers are, and these technologies present huge challenges for our kids and how they grow up. Digital dramas can have a lasting effect on a teen’s life. But parents and educators can make a real impact on the future of teens growing up in a digital world. Help teens help themselves.


The Internet’s not written in pencil. It’s written in pen. What teens do online spreads fast and lasts long. Remind them to think before they post.


Nothing is as private as they think. Anything teens say or do can be copied, pasted, and sent to gazillions of people in a heartbeat. Make sure kids use privacy settings and that they understand that the best way to protect their secrets is not to post personal stuff.


Kindness counts. The anonymity of the digital world can lead kids to say and do things online that they wouldn’t in person. Encourage them to communicate kindly, stand up for others, and build positive online relationships rooted in respect.


Digital cheating is still cheating. Right and wrong extend to online and mobile life. Impart your values, and tell kids not to plagiarize, download illegally, or use technology to cheat in school.


Embrace their world. None of us wants technology to isolate us from our kids. Do some homework, and ask kids to share the sites they visit, the songs they download, the gadgets they love. It’s up to us to join the fun and help them seize the potential.


Article Excerpt from:  http://www.commonsensemedia.org/blog/be-a-good-digital-citizen-tips-for-teens-and-parents


This article and more information about Internet and Mobile Device Safety can be found at:  www.commonsensemedia.org




Previous Tips




North Shore 9 - Safety All the Time!

We will all continue to work together and never let up on keeping our students and staff safe.  We truly appreciate everyone who helps to make this happen every day.




Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Location 2014-2015


School starts at 7:05am and ends at 2:30pm.The student drop-off parking lot is located between our auditorium and the ZOTZ building. For any questions, please contact our front office at 832-386-3400.





Late Arrival Days 2014-2015




Parent Information About Dress Code 2014-2015


NSHS 9 Dress Code



Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Parents! You can apply for your child's lunch application online now. It is quick and easy to complete a free/reduced meal application and even setup a pre-paid meal account too.



Video Class Promo


Social Media/ Mobile Device Safety PSA