North Shore Senior High


North Shore Senior High School is committed to provide all the necessary resources and strategies so that students reach a high level of academic achievement through rigorous and relevant content to ensure all students exceed state and national standards.


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North Shore Senior High

Family and Community Engagement


School Hours

7:00 a.m.-2:35 p.m.



Regular Bell Schedule



1st period 7:10-8:50

2nd period 8:56-10:36

3rd period 10:42-12:51

4th period 12:57-2:35



5th period 7:10-8:50

6th period 8:56-10:36

7th period 10:42-12:51

8th period 12:57-2:35


Lunch Schedule


A Lunch



B Lunch



C Lunch



D Lunch



    Class of 2018- Be The Exception





A few members of North Shore Senior took a look at how the Sophomore Building is progressing on Monday, November 13.

Click below to see some of the photos taken during the walkthrough.

Click here




We have new way for you all to contribute towards erasing tardies for everyone on campus! If we can get 1700 NSSH students to eat school breakfast we will immediately erase all tardies! This means that any tardies accumulated towards tardy consequences will be set to 0! Be sure to get your breakfast at one of the carts or in the cafeteria!


You may eat in the cafeteria until 7:00 AM, after that you must get your food and carry it to your 1st or 5th period class! Take advantage of this opportunity to help out all NSSH students by getting your FREE school breakfast!



Breakfast is FREE to all students.


Students are able to get breakfast until 9 am.  Breakfast On The Go carts will be posted by the Auditorium, Band Hall, in the front of the school, and bus ramp. Students are allowed to carry this breakfast with them.


 Student Lunch Account Information


Parents can pre-pay for student meals with cash or check. Credit cards are also accepted online by visiting PAM's Lunchroom at

www.paypams.com , once their student account has been established.



Senior Fundraiser

2017-2018 Coca Cola Fundraiser

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