Counselor's Corner


Mrs. Sandra Andrade


High School Credits offered at Woodland Acres Middle School:

TWI Program (6th - 8th Grade / 3 Credits) = 5 out of 7 TWI classes will earn 3 Credits
Spanish 1 (7th grade/1 Credit)
Spanish NS (8th grade/2 Credits)
Algebra (8th grade/1 Credit)
Touch Data System (8th grade / 1/2 credit)
Health (7th or 8th grade/ 1/2 credit)

6th Grade Electives:
Intro to Spanish
Study Skills
CP Technology - 6
Art 6
Pre Athletics
PE 6


Other Electives:
Carrer Tech 1
Creative Writing
Honor Band
Symphonic Band
Varsity and Non-Varsity Choir
Year Book
Career Office
Career Library

Career Portals 1 & 2
Edible Garden
Elementary Teacher Assistant
Band Assistant
PE Manager
Pre AP Art
PE 7/8
Athletics 7/8 Boys and Girls
TWI History


Counselor Resources

Handling Frustration in the Classroom
Cool Kids Resources for Counseling Programs
Cool Rules Poster
Cool Kids Resources


When preparing for the STAAR test these are some ways to share with your child how to overcome test anxiety.

1. Don't cram to learn the material
2. Read the directions carefully on the test.
3. Look at the test over quickly.
4. Don't be afraid to skip a question. Then go back to that question.
5. Remember past tests where you did well.
6. Rest/Sleep a good 7-9 hours of sleep.
7. Eat right.
8. Exercice.
9. Be organized.




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