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In our service to at-risk youth, our goal at the Zotz Education Center is to enhance academic achievement, encourage responsible citizenship,

and provide students with the necessary resources and strategies

that will assist them with achieving their educational

and personal goals through non-traditional settings.




This month graduates











ACE Attendance Incentive Contest Rules

Each team (3rd PD Class) will start at the 20 Yard Line

Each day that ALL students are 100% present that class will get 1st DOWN.

Yards will be gained as follows:


    90% - 99% Attendance = 9 Yard Gain

    80% - 89% Attendance = 8 Yard Gain

    70% - 79% Attendance = 7 Yard Gain


Penalties will be given for tardies (5 yard loss) and absences (10 yard loss).

Once your team scores a TOUCHDOWN, your class earns the INCENTIVE GIVEN!!!!









We take pride in teaching our teachers to work together through team building exercises.

Here's to a New Year!