Welcome to the

Behavior Training Center (BTC)


Galena Park Independent School District

13801 Holly Park

Houston, Texas 77015



Program Information

 - The Behavior Training Center (BTC) serves special education students who have severe emotional, therapeutic, and behavior needs.

 - The program provides students with a quality education in a safe, secure, and structured  learning environment. 

 - The campus maintains a highly qualified staff that follows the district’s academic curriculum .

 - The program is designed  to provide students with academic /behavior interventions, social skills training, and counseling  in order to improve student success upon return to their home campuses.



Dress Code

At the Behavior Training Center, students are expected to follow the same dress code they would follow at home campus. Please visit your students home campus webpage or use one of the links below.


Galena Park High


 NSSH Ninth Grade Center


North Shore Senior High


                                                                             Our calling is to assist a unique group of students in obtaining a positive and productive educational experience.  We strive to create an environment that is focused on safety and instruction.


Kresha Lane

Special Programs Assistant Principal



Program Components

· Low student/teacher ratio

· Behavior intervention services and behavioral supports.

· Individual and group counseling services

· Social Skills training

· Parent Involvement

· Academic Instruction

· Intensive transition support when retuning to the home campus.

· Emphasis on generalization of  appropriate academic and behavior skills in all settings.