Meet the Board

The mission of the Galena Park Independent School District is to prepare students to become productive citizens and lifelong learners. The Galena Park ISD School Board members provide direction and promote student success by supporting and celebrating the mission of the District.


Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller - President

Position 3 (Expires 2019)

Years of Service: 1997 – Present

Email Address:

Occupation: Independent Insurance Agent

Number of Children: 2

Alma Maters: Baylor University, Bachelor of Arts; Harvard Divinity School, Bachelor of Divinity; South Texas College of Law, Juris Doctor

"As the first person in my family to go to college, I am especially aware of the importance of a good education in achieving goals and making dreams come true.  I want to help make sure our children get the best education possible."


Wanda Heath Johnson

Wanda Heath Johnson - Vice President

Position 2 (Expires 2018)

Years of Service: 1998 - 2002 and May 2009 - Present

Email Address:

Occupation: Retired

Number of Children: 2

Alma Mater - Texas Southern University, Bachelor of Elementary Education and Master of Education

Careers - Houston Independent School District, Galena Park Post Office, Houston Community College

"I chose to serve on the GPISD Board of Trustees to make a difference in the education of all students, and to help ensure students learn what is needed to live a viable life in this society."


Minnie Rivera

Minnie Rivera - Secretary

Position 6 (Expires 2017)

Years of Service: 2007 – 2010 and 2014 – Present

Email Address:

Occupation: Retired

Number of Children: 2

Alma Mater - San Jacinto College

Careers - Educational Paraprofessional

Hobbies: Spending time with grandchildren, pets and neighbors; helping others.

"Do the best you can do with what you have!"


Dawn Fisher

Dawn Fisher - Board Trustee

Position 7 (Expires 2017)

Years of Service: 2002 – Present

Email Address:

Occupation: Legal Assistant

Number of Children: 2

Alma Mater - Galena Park High School

"I believe we are 'called' to serve while we are here, and I cannot think of a better way than to educate and take care of children."



Wilfred J. Broussard, Jr.

Wilfred J. Broussard, Jr. - Board Trustee

Position 5 (Expires 2017)

Years of Service: 2008 – Present

Email Address:

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Number of Children: 1

Alma Maters - North Shore Senior High School, Class of 1978; Texas Southern University, Bachelor of Business Administration

"I want to give back to a school district that has played a key part in my development as a person and a productive citizen. When I see our students, I see our future. It's important that we do all we can in helping them reach their full potential."


Joe Stephens

Joe Stephens - Board Trustee

Position 1 (Expires 2018)

Years of Service: May 2009 – Present

Email Address:

Occupation: Insurance Agency Owner

Number of Children: 3

Alma Mater(s): North Shore Senior High School, Class of 1991; University of Arkansas in Little Rock, Bachelor of Science; University of Phoenix, Master of Business Administration

Careers: Professional basketball player from 1996-2003 for the NBA Houston Rockets, NBA Memphis Grizzlies, and International teams (France, Japan, Argentina, Lebanon and Philippines)

Hobbies: Avid golfer; Member of St. John's United Methodist Church

"Our students' successes continue to be a source of pride for the GPISD Board and this community. Each student represents our most valued and prized resource. I am honored to serve on a Board and in a district that places such high value on students and their successes. As a Trustee, my focus is on student success and being a good steward over tax payer dollars. This is a position of the people, and it's not about Joe Stephens, it's about every single man, woman, boy and girl in this great community. It is a great honor and responsibility to serve the Galena Park Independent School District community, and I proudly carry the torch passed on by all those that served before me, as well as those that currently serve with me."


Ramon Garza

Ramon Garza - Board Trustee

Position 4 (Expires 2019)

Years of Service: 2010 – Present

Email Address:

Occupation: Insurance Agent

Number of Children: 3

Alma Mater - Galena Park High School, Class of 1986

"I love to give back to the District from which I graduated. Two of my daughters have also graduated from Galena Park, and one is still in school; I feel excited for them to see all the wonderful things that they are going to be part of in life because of their time in this District."


Dr. Angi M. Williams

Dr. Angi M. Williams - Superintendent of Schools


"The GPISD Board of Trustees exemplifies the District motto of leading, learning, and serving. Each of these individuals gives of his or her time and personal life to guide GPISD through sound policy-making, student achievement goals, and financial stability. Such an enormous task requires a tremendous commitment on the part of our Board. I am blessed to serve with these men and women who are so completely dedicated to the students of this District."