GPISD CTE students are earning certifications and credentials to consistently meet industry and business needs, wants and expectations. These students are seeking entry-level positions, closely related to their chosen career pathway and are eager to help your business thrive with their skill-sets.


CTE Philosophy

  • To provide students with a curriculum based on integrated academic and technical content and strong employability skills.
  • To expose students to work-based learning experiences that enable them to connect what they are learning to career scenarios.
  • To develop and continuously refine programs aligned not only with college and career-readiness standards, but also with the current needs of business and industry.
  • To partner with business and industry to reduce skills shortages, spur business growth, encourage new investment and hiring of skilled teenage employees, spark innovation, and promote continued economic growth.


How Do I Hire a Highly Qualified CTE Student?

If you are interested in hiring a CTE student, please click button Submit info and complete the form to post a job opening or contact Dr. Botkin directly at 281-635-4550.