• Employ students enrolled in Career and Technical Education classes
  • Allow for students to shadow in their field of interest
  • Commit to providing feedback in regard to business and industry needs
  • Provide guest speakers to classes
  • Host tours of your facilities for students and school officials
  • Donate surplus materials for project based learning
  • Arrange for salaried employees to demonstrate both traditional and innovative hands on skills to both students and teachers


Our Business & Industry Partners



Beltway Animal Hospital, P.C. - Dr. Deborah Burns




Arts, A/V Productions & Communications


Business Management & Administration


Education & Training




Health Science

East Belt Family Medicine

East Houston Regional Medical Center

Excellence ER

Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital

MedCare Pediatric Rehab Center

Patricia H. Janki Family Medicane & Wellness Center

St. Luke's Patients Medical Center



Hospitality & Tourism


Human Services


Information Technology


Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Harris County Sheriff's Office

Houston Police Department

Texas Department of Public Safety



Advanced Welding Solutions

Cajun Industries, LLC


Lincoln Electric


Turner Industries


Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

   GE - Robotics

University of Houston-Downtown

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)



Buffalo Marine - Maritime

Community Toyota - Automotive

Port of Houston Authority - Maritime