The Board of Trustees sets forth the policies that govern the operation of the District. Policies are included because they are required by law or by the Texas Education Agency; because they are recommended by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) as essential to effective District governance and management; or because the Board wishes to make a statement in a particular policy area. The Localized Policy Manual pertaining to Business and Support Services, created with the assistance of TASB Policy Service, can be found here.


The Fiscal Procedures Manual has been prepared to provide general information about several Galena Park ISD business processes and procedures.

Section Description Last Updated
1 General Information July 2017
2 Ethics, Fraud, and Compliance July 2017
3 Fiscal Management July 2017
4 Purchasing July 2017
5 Accounts Payable July 2017
6 Employee Travel July 2017
7 Student Travel July 2017
8 Money Handling July 2017
9 Budget Adoption July 2017
10 Grant Management July 2017
11 Fixed Asset and Inventory Items July 2017
12 Procurement Cards July 2017
13 Payroll July 2017
14 Warehouse Services July 2017
15 TEAMS Procedures July 2017
16 Activity Funds and Booster Clubs July 2017
17 Account Codes July 2017
18 List of Exhibits (Forms, Schedules and Other Documents) July 2017
19 Acronyms July 2017