Where We've Been

Where We've Been


Prize Posse


On October 25, 2016, the Galena Park ISD Education Foundation made dreams come true again for Galena Park ISD teachers. The Education Foundation awarded 8 grants totaling $18,000 during our annual Prize Posse. On this special day, we decorate a school bus, load them up with our "friends of the Foundation" and surprise teachers with the good news that they have won a grant. The day is filled with shouts of joy, tears of happiness and even a few somersaults !


2016-2017 Innovative Teaching Grants Awarded


Book Swap - $2,000 to Cloverleaf Elementary

Knights of GPISD - $5,000 to Cloverleaf Elementary

Exploring S.TE.M. Careers Through Robotics - $1,000 to Galena Park Elementary

SPOT - Better to See You - $1,000 to Jacinto City Elementary

STREAM Makerspaces - Fostering Creativity and Invention - $5,000 to Cobb Sixth Grade

From Our Garden to Your Classroom - $1,000 to North Shore SH 9th Grade Center

The Story Exchange - $3,000 to Galena Park High School