Why Should I Give

Why Should I Give


Our school district is vibrant and responsive to students' needs. Your generous support makes it possible for the Education Foundation to plan and implement meaningful programs involving the community and encouraging the children of Galena Park ISD to continue to strive and achieve.


What You Give Has a Huge Impact


Ingrid Valladares, Foundation Scholarship Recipient

"From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for letting me have the honor to receive the Galena Park ISD Education Foundation scholarship. This scholarship will make it easier for me to pay for college and pursue the education I've worked so hard to attain. Since my mother is a single parent it is very hard for her to be able to pay for my education , but with the help of the Galena Park ISD Education Foundation scholarship it make it easier for my mom."


Lizeth Najera, Foundation Scholarship Recipient

"I truly feel honored of being chosen as a Galena Park ISD Education Foundation scholarship recipient... I will be participating in the Homegrown Program which will allow me to have a part time job as a teacher aide in GPISD. This program will give me advanced experience in the education field. With the financial support you have provided me with, my goal of becoming a teacher will be easier to achieve."