The Galena Park ISD Payroll Services Department is committed to accurate and timely processing of payroll and all other payroll services. We strive to provide excellent customer service while assisting with all payroll requests.

Please access the Employee Service Center to view current information such as personal information, leave balances, absence reporting, duty calendars, time cards, employment records, and payroll information. Substitutes can access the Employee Service Center via the Substitute Management Center where substitute jobs can also be maintained.

For assistance with wage garnishments and annuities, please contact the Employee Benefits Department.

Contact Information

Name Title Phone Number Areas of Focus
Amicha Williams Director for Payroll Services 832-386-1189  
Cathy Ochoa Payroll Specialist 832-386-1271 Payroll Deductions, Teacher Retirement
Lisa Gonzales Payroll Clerk 832-386-1274 Exempt Docks, Exempt Leaves and Absences, Substitute Pay
Anna Salinas Payroll Clerk 832-386-1270 Direct Deposit, Exempt Extra Duty, Lost Checks, W-4 Changes
Aleida Gonzalez Payroll Clerk 832-386-1273 Clock Punch, Non-Exempt Docks, Non-Exempt Extra Duty, Non-Exempt Leaves and Absences
Sarah George Secretary for Payroll Services 832-386-1248 Changes of General Information, Employment Verifications, General Inquiries