Signing Day 2014

Houston, Texas: GPISD is extremely proud of the young men who have shown superior talent on the football field and academic excellence in the classroom, paving the way for them as they successfully leap to college. Please join GPISD, and our entire school community, in congratulating the outstanding players who will be representing Galena Park in the nation's universities this next fall. These young men have signed letters of intent to attend and play for the following universities.



Anthoula Kelley - Fresno State University (beginning Fall 2014)



Bryce Alley - Montana State University (beginning Fall 2014)

Brandon Darjean - East Texas Baptist University (beginning Fall 2014)

Kevian DeLeon - Nicholls State University (beginning Fall 2014)

Isaiah Freeman - Central Oklahoma University (beginning Fall 2014)

Christian Jacobs - McNeese State University (beginning Fall 2014)

Anthony Jammer - Central Oklahoma University (beginning Fall 2014)

John Joseph - Morehead State University (beginning Fall 2014)

Chris Leger - Ouachita Baptist University (beginning Fall 2014)

J.T. Matthews - West Texas A & M (beginning Fall 2014)

Eric Quezada - Peru State University (beginning Fall 2014)

Austin Smith - Angelo State University (beginning Fall 2014)

Trevon Tate - University of Memphis (beginning Fall 2014)

Najee Toran - U.C.L.A. (beginning Spring 2014)

Zack Whitley - U.C.L.A. (beginning Spring 2014)

Jordan Wright - Trinity Valley Junior College (beginning Fall 2014)


Anthoula Kelley

Jordan Wright


Trevon Tate

Austin Smith


Eric Quezada

J.T. Matthews


John Joseph

Anthony Jammer


Christian Jacobs

Isaiah Freeman


Kevian DeLeon

Brandon Darjean


Bryce Alley

Chris Leger


Najee Toran

Zack Whitley





Media Contact:

Crystal Murray | Assistant Superintendent for Communication Services | | 832.386.1063