Super Star Rodeo Shines Big as Texas

Houston, Texas: Each early spring semester, the Galena Park/Jacinto City Metro Go Texan Rodeo Committee and GPISD team up at the District Agriculture Facility for the amazing experience, Super Star Rodeo Day. Students are treated to lively music, tasty hot dogs, and a day of ongoing fun and activities. Prior to the event, students spend time learning about farm animals and rodeo concepts. The event is staged as an opportunity to attach the abstract classroom concepts to real experiences, including all the stimulating sights, sounds, and activities of a rodeo environment.  In addition to language and vocabulary skills practiced on this day, teachers often incorporate math, art, and science learning opportunities into the festivities.  While the event is tremendously engaging for students, they are practicing essential life experiences that include following rules and directions, waiting in line, using appropriate social skills, and greeting familiar and unfamiliar adults. 

Ms. Jan Gucker, Secondary Language Arts Instructional Specialist for GPISD and a member of the Galena Park / Jacinto City Metro Go Texan Rodeo Committee says, “This year is the seventeenth year for the Super Star Rodeo Day and we have about 320 students here today participating with us.” 

Not only is Ms. Jacqueline Moreno Galena Park ISD’s Coordinator of Elementary Math, she is also a member of the Galena Park / Jacinto City Metro Go Texan Rodeo Committee. “This event serves all the Life Skill’s classrooms across our school district, the participants are from four to 24 years old. Our students are bused to the Agriculture Facility and we provide entertainment and lunch. We bring in a petting zoo, various games for the students to play, and music and dancing,” stated Ms. Moreno. 

The Special Education Department of Galena Park ISD works year round on this event to come up with the various activities, games, and face painting which help to make the event a success. 

Cavendars Boot City gives each and every student a rodeo themed bandana. The Metro Go Texan Committee funds goody bags for each and every student to take home as souvenirs. Members from the constable’s office participate in cooking the hotdogs and serving lunch. In addition there are special guests from the rodeo such as “Miss Moo” and the Lady's Committee that come out every year.  

“We are here to help the Ladies Go Texan Team and the Metro Go Texan Team Make their event a big success,” said Susan Williams from the Speakers Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Williams dresses up as a rodeo clown each year for the many smiles of the students. “This is one of the greatest events of the year for us as we love to come out here for all these wonderful children.” 

Mr. Chris Blake, Principal of Galena Park Middle School, says, “The Super Star Rodeo is not only important for all of the students of Galena Park ISD but speaking for Galena Park Middle School, it gives our students an opportunity to work together. The banner they made this year gave them an opportunity to learn how to sew and to work together as a team and grow together while accomplishing a goal. I would take the opportunity to extend an invite to all who have never been to this event to come out and check it out next year. It’s great to see all our kids having such a great time.” 

This yearly event, both exciting and educational, is made possible through the close collaboration of teachers, parents, district leaders, and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo committee members who all equally share in the delight of seeing GPISD students learn and grow.


Spanish Spelling Bee

Pictured: Ms. Moo waving at the Super Star Rodeo.


Spanish Spelling Bee

Pictured: Feeding the pets at the Super Star Rodeo.


Spanish Spelling Bee

Pictured: Student enjoys hand painting at Super Star Rodeo.


Spanish Spelling Bee

Pictured: Student and teacher celebrate the Super Star Rodeo.





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