WAMS Students Score Special Science Show

Houston, Texas: Created by Honeywell and NASA in 2004, FMA Live! is an award-winning, 45-minute, live hip-hop science education program targeted toward middle school students. It is designed to inspire middle school students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The tour group has performed in front of more than 350,000 students at 933 middle schools the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.  

As part of their current ten-week run, FMA Live! stopped at Woodland Acres Middle School for two shows on Friday, March 7, 2014.  

“We have connections with NASA’s Education Department and the Summer of Innovation. Honeywell, a partner with NASA, contacted us indicating they would be in the Houston area,” said Dawn Alvarez, Program Director for Secondary Science. “Woodland Acres Middle School was the first of our schools to respond, so they are the first in our district to host this event. In the future we hope to make this an annual event and rotate hosting campuses.” 

One of three hosts on stage, John “J. J.” James from Atlanta, Georgia has been the Show Captain for the last three years. James is a graduate of Florida A&M in Music Education, and he makes sure all of the music and fast-paced choreography registers with the middle school students. “We teach Newton’s three laws of motion, and we do it in a way that really captures and holds the student’s attention, said James. He continued, “We utilize demonstrations, music, and dance along with the interaction of students and teachers during the show.” 

While the United States still has the world’s largest pool of scientists and engineers, that lead is declining. Tom Buckmaster, President, Honeywell Hometown Solutions stated, “When it comes to STEM areas of study, early access and understanding is crucial in helping get students on track for college and career success. The FMA Live! program is designed to do this and to ultimately inspire future innovators with a teaching style that is modern, memorable and makes it fun for students,” concluded Buckmaster.


FMA Live

Pictured: Joseph Pizano (7th ELA)


FMA Live

Pictured, left to right: Miguel Ramirez (7th grade), Alejandro Garza (7th grade), Alondra Barquera (7th grade), and Christian Cuellar (8th grade)


FMA Live

Pictured: The two Sumo guys are, in the red helmet, Flavio Recio (7th Math), and in the blue helmet Thomas Hill (7th Social Studies)





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