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Houston, Texas: They are the “Thunder” in the North Shore Senior High “Sound of Thunder” Band. They are reigning state champions. They are current state champions. They are the 2014 NSSH Drumline. As they concluded the performance of their show entitled “Genocide,” the audience responded with thunderous applause and critical acclaim - something the group has become accustomed to as a result of their hard work and engaging performances. 

For the past six years, the Drumline has been under the direction of Andrew Hoskins, a graduate of the University of North Texas where he majored in Music Education. Hoskins has been teaching the talented students of Galena Park ISD the last seven years and seems to have captured lightning in a bottle as his ensemble clinches a fourth consecutive state championship. 

“I love seeing the result of all the hours of hard work the kids put in to take us to the level we have attained,” said Hoskins. As Hoskins prepares his students for their pre-performance ritual, he is the eye of a brewing storm, tapping out rhythm with a pair of drumsticks as the ensemble gathers around him in a swelling circle of sound and movement. “Every kid in this ensemble has won every competition in the state they have competed in,” said Hoskins.  

Drumlines feature the percussion section of a band and incorporate a range of percussive instruments. The “battery,” consisting of various drums and cymbals, is the section of the ensemble that is in motion. The “Pit,” also referred to as the “Front Ensemble,” is stationary in the front of the battery. The front ensemble can include any percussion instrument. Typical front ensembles include mallet instruments such as marimbas, xylophones, cymbals, congas, cowbells, and more. 

Senior Aaron Hamilton is the section leader of the battery and has been playing drums since the sixth grade, “I love the performance part of the drumline. Being in front of an audience is the payoff for all the hours of practice,” said Hamilton. Hamilton will be attending the University of North Texas where he will major in Music Education, “I would love to come back and teach music in Galena Park ISD,” said Hamilton. 

Senior Katie Rowe is the section leader of the front ensemble and has also been playing music since the sixth grade. “I feel the best part of playing music is the performance. There is nothing like the feeling of being on stage,” said Rowe, who plans to attend Texas State University and major in mathematics. 

Competing in the Texas Color Guard Circuit on Saturday, April 5, at Texas A&M University, The North Shore Drumline won their fourth consecutive state title in Scholastic Marching World Class. In the WGI (Winter Guard International) Percussion Championships – World Class Finals held on April 10-12 in Dayton, Ohio, the North Shore Drumline took fourth place.


North Shore Drumline

Pictured: North Shore Drumline


North Shore Drumline

Pictured: North Shore Drumline





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