Woodland Acres Elementary Students Participate in GenTx Day

Houston, Texas: Students and teachers at Woodland Acres Elementary joined in the fun and excitement of GenTX Day by cheering for their favorite university and sporting college shirts and banners, letting everyone know they are college bound! 

GenTX Day was created by the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, the agency over colleges and universities, as a way to get all Texas students thinking about the path to college. 

The day is set aside to encourage teachers and students to talk about college, visit a college, or conduct research on various universities and majors. High students are even encouraged to complete college applications on this day, if they have not already made that decision. 

Beginning the dialogue early in elementary school, however, allows students to make long-range goals and help parents discuss higher education options with their children. 

Woodland Acres Elementary principal, Bianca (Benavides) Shaughnessy said, “Our students and teachers enjoyed wearing their college shirts.  It is always important to encourage our students to dream big!”


Angela Shearin and her students

Pictured: Woodland Acres Elementary GenTx Day





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