Fast on Facts Competition Creates Computation Challenge

Houston, Texas: Compliments on an outstanding job to all Galena Park ISD elementary Fast on Facts participants!  

Fast on Fact is a district competition where students compete to finish the greatest number of facts in 45 seconds.  Students in grade K-2 are tested with number recognition, addition, and subtraction facts.  Students in 3-5 are tested in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  A tie-breaker test is administered if needed.   

Lori Fillbrandt, District Elementary Math Specialist, stated, “The purpose of the Fast on Facts competition is tied to the changing of our TEKS – Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  The new 2nd grade TEKS require students to recall basic facts to add and subtract within 20 with automaticity.  The new 3rd grade TEKS requires students to recall facts to multiply and divide up to 10 by 10 with automaticity.” 

Students are now expected to rapidly recall facts. The Texas Education Agency indicates that automaticity requires students to recall basic facts with speed and accuracy. This expectation for students’ knowledge of basic facts allows them to be taught higher level math functions in the classroom. 

The district competition included one contestant from kindergarten through 2nd grade and one contestant from 3rd through 5th grades from each elementary school.  Alternates were also invited, received ribbons and were able to watch the competition through live feed in the GPISD Administration Building Board Room.


District competition winners were:

1st Place kindergarten to 2ndGrade- Gabriel Vera - Williamson Elementary

1st Place 3rd to 5th Grade- Jacob Ramirez - Havard Elementary

2nd Place kindergarten to 2nd Grade- Diego Camarillo - North Shore Elementary

2nd Place 3rd to 5th Grade- Daisy Ramirez - Jacinto City Elementary

3rd Place kindergarten to 2nd Grade- Christopher Aguilar - Sam Houston Elementary

3rd Place 3rd to 5th Grade- Cecilia Mai - Williamson Elementary  


Congratulations to all students who participated on their campuses and at the district competition this year!


Fast on Facts

Pictured: Ken Wallace; Assistant Superintendent for Educational Support and School Administration, Christopher Aguilar, Celilia Mai, Diego Camarillo, Daisy Ramirez, Gabriel Vera, Jacob Ramirez, and Terri Moore; Senior Director for School Administration and Staff Development


Fast on Facts

Pictured: Stephanie Perry; Shirley J. Williamson Principal, Shaun Zachariah, Celilia Mai, and Gabriel Vera


Fast on Facts

Pictured: Brian Keil; Havard Elementary Assistant Principal, Alex Viera, Ahanaf Dippro, Bishop Godfrey, Jacob Ramirez, and Toshia Guord; Havard Elementary Principal




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