Congressman Encourages Students to Vote

Houston, Texas: U.S. Representative Gene Green visited Galena Park High School seniors on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 to encourage them to become a part of the democratic process. “Voting is your voice in government,” Green said. “You can complain all you want. But it won't do any good unless you vote,” he added. Following Congressman Green, students were given voter registration cards along with a presentation on how to correctly fill them out. Those who knew all of their information turned them in to Mr. Aydt, a social studies teacher at Galena Park High School and a volunteer deputy voter registrar. As an official of the voting process, Mr. Aydt will take all the registration cards he receives to the appropriate location to ensure these students are registered to vote.


Gene Greene

Pictured: Congressman Gene Green brought voter registration cards and encouraged GPHS seniors to get involved in the democratic process. (Pictured l/r): Edson Ovalle; Dr. Angi Williams, Superintendent of Schools; Congressman Gene Green; Alyssa Angelle; and Marissa Lopez.


Gene Greene

Pictured: Students were given the opportunity to fill out voter registration cards.


Gene Greene

Pictured: Students could turn in filled out voter registration cards and turn them in to Mr. Aydt. This saved them a step of mailing it in or taking it to the tax office or courthouse.





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