800+ Attend Galena Park ISD Career Explosion

Houston, Texas: The Galena Park ISD Career & Technical Education (CTE) Department hosted the second annual Career Explosion at North Shore Senior High School. More than 800 junior high and high school students attended. Laura Mann, GPISD Director of CTE stated, “Career Explosion was designed to expose students to a wide gamut of careers and professional business expectations and standards.” Students were able to speak directly with volunteers from local business/industry on a variety of career opportunities, asking questions and interacting with individuals who work in the assorted fields. “This is what Career and Technical Education is all about - the school district working hand in hand with business and industry to prepare students for life after high school,” Mann added.

Career Explosion featured 14 career clusters represented by nearly 40 companies, educational institutions and military branches. These clusters provided students in grades 8-12 an opportunity to gain further insight about their career pathways. Each student gained useful workforce experience and exposure, catapulting their career interests and professional awareness to the next level. Dr. Steve Horton, Executive Director of the Construction & Manufacturing Educational Foundation (CMEF) said, “Thank you for offering the opportunity for our volunteers to facilitate an information booth at the GPISD Career Explosion. Speaking to hundreds of students throughout the day about great careers in the Construction Industry is invaluable.~The students were most respectful and quite attentive as they stopped by our booth to receive printed information and engage in conversation with Industrial and Commercial Construction Industry representatives.” In addition to business and industry booths, students engaged in breakout sessions provided by Career &Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) and Workforce Solutions.

The breakout sessions included interviewing and resume critiques, social media presentations, and a professional business style [fashion] show. CTE Counselor Alicia Green noted, “The goal of Career Explosion was to ensure students gained meaningful experiences and exposure related to their career interests.” For example, the interactive social media session was geared towards helping students become more aware of the impact today's posts might have on future job opportunities. Likewise, the interviewing and resume critique sessions provided students with time to interview with surrounding area business and industry representatives. Lastly, the style show provided students with a competitive edge in preparing for their next interview, job, or leadership position through delivering professional dress standards and expectations.


Career Explosion

Pictured: At North Shore Senior High School's Second Annual Career Explosion, GPISD student Laniko Harden inquires about future job opportunities at HydroChem.





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