Science Survivor Series - Science Gets Serious

Houston, Texas: GPISD held its first Elementary Science Survivor Series (S3) on Friday, January 16th at the Administration Building. To showcase skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), all 15 GPISD elementary school sent a team of six to represent their campus to compete in three challenges - academic, building, and creativity. The teams and their sponsors have been working together all year in preparation for this event; however, they did not know what the challenges would entail until the day of the competition.

For the academic portion, teams were asked to showcase their science content knowledge. In a game called Picture It, a team member was selected to sketch up to 21 science terms while their teammates guessed as many as they could in five minutes. To showcase their building and writing skills, one student described a pre-built creation to a teammate, who then used a pre set tub of materials and their partner's written notes to replicate the creation as closely as possible. Creativity was demonstrated with a Texas appropriate task - students were challenged to determine how to best insulate an ice cube to keep it from melting.

Judges from local partners with Texas STARBASE, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Harris County Department of Education, and UH STEP Program carefully evaluated each team's project. The teams displayed some serious strategizing, teamwork and determination, so the competition was intense. But, three teams outlasted all others to take a trophy back to their campus:

First Place Team: Normandy Crossing Elementary, coached by La'Tandra Hicks & Jimmy Giacona
Second Place Team: Cimarron Elementary, coached by Priscilla Diosdado & Margeaux Fisher
Third Place Team: Sam Houston Elementary, coached by Isaias Cerda

All students had a memorable experience and received a delicious breakfast donated by the United Community Credit Union, colorful shirts from Munchie's at New Forest Crossing, and gift certificates for Menchie's and Peter Piper Pizza. The top three teams also got a bonus pizza party to celebrate their success!



Pictured: Given a set of materials, students attempted to recreate a structure based solely on notes and drawings from a teammate.


Taryn Surratt

Pictured: Drawing depictions of science terms on the board, the sketcher's teammates had five minutes to guess as many as they could.





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