Future Leaders of America

Houston, Texas: For the past 13 years, students across America have been learning to read, write, problem solve, think and explore. Many of these students have done this in our public school systems. As each student prepares to graduate, they are ranked in their graduating class according to GPA (grade point average) taken from their four years in high school. This is a highly competitive venture, and the difference between the top students is often hundredths of a percentage point. Regardless of how it measures out, the top students have put in many hours of hard work to achieve such status. Here are the top 10 students from local high schools:



Pictured: Front row (l/r): Fabiola Villarreal, Arturo Pena, Miguel Mendoza and Delmy Escobar. Back row (l/r): Miranda Gonzalez, Jose Torres, Merilyn Duarte and Genissa Ochoa. Not pictured: Kimberly Nunez and Ruby Diaz.



Pictured: Front row (l/r): Zachary Potter, Senyo Ahadzie, Jose Guillen, Brianna Taylor-Warren and Stacey Padua. Back row (l/r): Katie Rowe, Anthony Rudd, Michelle Armenta, Adrianna Jones and Alan Martinez.





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