Students Receive Massive Motivation Before STAAR Test

Houston, Texas: On Friday, March 27, two massive football players visited North Shore Middle School to motivate students to do their very best on the upcoming STAAR assessments. Keith Davis, former NFL football player, and Dominic Miller, former standout at the University of Houston, talked to the students and displayed feats of strength. These hulking men talked about dreams and perseverance. Students helped them deliver a powerful illustration as Miller performed push-ups with “dreams” on his back (the “dreams” were volunteers from the audience). The little dream was easy to achieve. But as the dreams got bigger, the challenge became more difficult, requiring more focus and endurance. When the “big 'ol dream,” North Shore Middle School Principal Brett Lalor, climbed on his back, Miller admitted he needed a little help. “We all need help sometimes. We can't do everything by ourselves,” Davis said. And with the help of his teammates, he pushed that big 'ol dream up and accomplished his goal. Davis also encouraged the students to PUSH: Persevere Until Success Happens.

As Miller and Davis told their stories, the students listened intently. These athletes didn't have perfect lives. There were struggles, mistakes and missteps along the way. However, “Winners always look at what they're going to. Losers always look at what they're going through,” Davis told a gym full of silent listeners. Davis recounted a big game in which his team was thoroughly trounced in the first half. They were discouraged. However, their coach encouraged them at halftime and in the second half, they got back on track and won the game. “Even if you have a bad first half, you can win in the second half,” Davis said. Each student understood the message: no matter what they've done so far, NOW is the time to set out on the journey to success.


STAAR Motivation

Pictured: Keith Davis tells of the struggles he faced on his path to success in college football and the NFL.


STAAR Motivation

Pictured: With the help of teammates, Dominic Miller lifted the “big 'ol dream,” Mr. Brett Lalor, principal of North Shore Middle School.


STAAR Motivation

Pictured: “Hard work pays off,” says Dominic Miller and Keith Davis.





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