Galena Park Elementary EcoBot

Houston, Texas: Galena Park Elementary's first-ever Ecobot team, the GP Crushers, traveled to Park Lakes Elementary in Humble, TX for the Ecobot Build-It Day on Saturday, November 8th. There were approximately 20 teams competing and Galena Park Elementary was the only out of district team. The GP Crushers came in 1st in the Robotics Maze competition with a negative time, and came in 2nd place overall.

The team is made up of 5th graders at Galena Park Elementary who are driven and motivated to succeed! The Ecobot team focuses on robotics and STEM career readiness for jobs here in the Houston area industries. Our hopes for the members of this team are that after this introduction to robotics and STEM activities, they will continue on this path and pursue higher learning and careers in these fields.

Each team was able to compete in three challenges; Robot Basketball, Robot Soccer and the Robot Maze. The GP Crushers took first place in the maze competition with a time of 20.19 seconds. An additional time of 30 seconds was taken off of their time for the use of a color sensor during the maze leaving the team with a completion time of less than -10 seconds, making them the only team to have a negative time!



Pictured: GP Crushers





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