Thunder Trumps Bolts - Mustangs Ground Chargers

Houston, Texas: In the area round of the playoffs, the North Shore Mustangs hosted the Clear Springs Chargers at the Galena Park Athletic Complex on Friday, November 21, 2014. The Chargers got off to a fast start, leading the Mustangs 0-13 early in the first quarter. However, things turned around quickly on a long pass and an interception, which helped put the Mustangs ahead 14-13 in the first quarter. The Chargers scored again and took a 14-20 lead, however, at half time the Mustangs led 28-20.

The second half fared no better for the Chargers, who failed to score, while the Mustangs put up 17 more points to win the game 45-20.

The Mustangs (8-4) will take on Cypress Ranch (10-2) in the regional semi-finals on Friday, November 28 at TDECU Stadium (University of Houston). Kickoff is at 2:00 p.m. Tickets at the gate are $10.00. Parking is an additional $10.00.



North Shore Mustangs

Pictured: Jordan Martinez intercepts a pass, leading to a Mustang touchdown.


North Shore Mustangs

Pictured: Darius Mouton scampers into the end zone after receiving a pass from QB Maciah Long.


North Shore Mustangs

Pictured: The Mustangs defense held the Chargers to just 44 yards of offense in the second half.


North Shore Mustangs

Pictured: Mustangs fans celebrated a dominating victory.





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