Superior Ratings for GPISD Bands

Houston, Texas: The Galena Park and North Shore Senior High School marching bands participated in the 2014 University Scholastic League's Region 19 Marching Contest on October 18 at the GPISD Athletic Stadium. Both bands earned overall First Division ("Superior") ratings from the panel of three adjudicators.

Bands are given a rating of First Division (superior), Second Division (excellent), Third Division (average), Fourth Division (below average), Fifth Division (poor) by each of the three judges. Bands are not awarded a numerical score, nor are they ranked against other bands for the UIL Region Marching Contest. Instead, bands are rated against a performance standard involving: Tone (brass, woodwind, percussion performance); Musicianship (ensemble performance); Marching (execution); and Drill/Integration of Marching Components.

NSSHS, and all other Class 6A Bands who earned a First Division Rating, advance to the UIL Area Marching Contest on October 25. GPHS is a 5A school so they will have the opportunity to advance to the area and state marching band contests next year. (State marching band contest participants alternate each year – 4A/6A and 3A/5A).

Band directors for GPHS are Jessica Meng and Clay Jasper. Band directors for NSSH are Shane Goforth, John Reed and Jose Marin.


Band Competition

Pictured: GPHS Band of Gold – GPHS Band of Gold marches to a superior rating.


Band Competition

Pictured: NSSHS Marching Band – North Shore Senior High School's marching band earns a superior rating for their performance of “Masquerade.”





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