San Jacinto College Psychology Class Reads to Williamson Students

Houston, Texas: Rachael Chapa, Professor of Psychology at San Jacinto College, wanted her students to participate in a service learning project. After contacting Janis Gaul, Program Director for Elementary Language Arts for Galena Park ISD, a plan was formed to have her class read to elementary students. On April 7, 2016, Ms. Chapa brought her class to the library at Williamson Elementary where they dispersed with their 3rd grade counterparts; immediately the room was filled with enthusiasm from all participants.

“It is always exciting to see students engaged in reading and talking, no matter what the age,” said Ms. Gaul. Engagement was the key word, as the students were glued to the stories and clearly impressed by the readers. Cristal Serrato, third grader, said, “It’s cool to be with a college student and be read to; plus, she is really pretty, too.”

The college students seemed to enjoy the interaction almost as much as the Williamson students, but the goal was to leave with a deeper understanding of language or brain development, which as Ms. Chapa explained, were topics discussed in the college class.  After the Williamson visit, the San Jacinto College students will be writing a reflection paper and discussing their experiences.  “It is a really good experience,” said Paris Woods, C.E. King Dual Credit and SJC student. Woods planned to write about how willing the students were to learn and work together. Kelton Davis, sophomore at SJC and high school senior, took part of his time to stress the importance of learning. “You have to give back to the community. You can have fun being a student, but you have to keep your focus on education and stay on track!” The elementary students soaked up the attention while the college students read, talked, and listened to them.  It was a great experience for everyone, and one to be remembered by all.


Williamson Elementary

Pictured: Cristal Serrato and her college partner.


Williamson Elementary

Pictured: Shirley J. Williamson students actively engaged in reading.


Williamson Elementary

Pictured: Paris Woods sharing her book with Kevin Cardenas and Jordy Molina.


Williamson Elementary

Pictured: Kelton Davis reading to Sean Alcazar and Geovanni Quintanilla.





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