Texas Reading Initiative Gets Everyone on Same Page

Houston, Texas: On Monday, April 12, 2016, elementary students across the Galena Park Independent School District kicked off a state-wide celebration of literacy by reading the same book at the same time. Students watched a pre-recorded video of Jason Garrett, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, reading the first chapter of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White to begin the Texas Reads One Book program.

The program’s goal is to engage school faculty, staff, students and their families in elementary schools across Texas to read the same book at the same time. The program actively engages families in the reading process, and it also creates a culture of reading at school and home.

Reading aloud allows parents and teachers to serve as role models for reading, and Charlotte’s Web is the perfect story for children to learn about life, friendship, and giving. “I like the theme of friendship and sacrifice that is taught [by the book]; giving of one’s self completely,” said Janette Rios, 3rd grade teacher at Woodland Acres Elementary School. Maria Solis, Rios’ 3rd grade student said, “Wilbur is my favorite character, he is so funny. I learned that no matter how small you are, you are important and can have a big impact.”

The event was mirrored across the district’s 15 elementary schools. ¬†Sharon Dixon, Jacinto City Elementary School’s librarian, started the program by highlighting the importance of reading aloud. Dixon encouraged the students and faculty to continue reading the story in the classroom and at home with their parents. “I remember in 5th grade, my teacher read us the story of Charlotte’s Web. It has always been one of my favorite stories,” said Dixon. “There is so much to learn about farm life, county fairs, friendship and other life lessons; it is a timeless classic.”

Reading aloud lets children use their imagination to explore people and places beyond their own experiences. Texas Reads One Book is certain to open a lot of new doors for Galena Park ISD students, families, teachers and local community members.

To learn more about the Texas Reads One Book program, visit http://www.readtothem.org.


Texas Reads One Book

Pictured: Jared Pereira, Russel Belton, Xaria Murphy, and Ny'lma Matlock from Dr. Shirley J. Williamson Elementary show the free books they received as part of the program.


Texas Reads One Book

Pictured: Ny'lma Matlock enjoying Coach Garrett reading the first chapter aloud.


Texas Reads One Book

Pictured: Brenda Barron selected to receive her book in Spanish.


Texas Reads One Book

Pictured: Cloverleaf Elementary Principal Lee Brown, and James Husband, Lead Teacher, deliver books to students.





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