Mustangs Clinch District Title

Houston, Texas: Friday night the North Shore Mustangs faced off against the Bulldogs of LaPorte in an important game - the winner would become the district champion. Windy weather added only added to teams tension as both teams drove down the field on their first possessions, only to miss the field goal attempt. The score was 0-0 at the end of the first quarter. However, things picked up for the Mustangs in the second quarter as they scored 17 points - a field goal by Aaron Cuevas, a 15 yard TD pass from Bryant Badie to Isaiah Henry, and a four yard rushing TD by Carl Guillory. In the third quarter the Mustangs kept rolling with QB Bryant Badie scrambling for a seven yard TD run. Then, as the Bulldogs center snapped the ball over the head of their quarterback, the Mustangs fell on it in the end zone for a safety, adding another two points to their commanding lead. The final score of the game came on a four yard rushing touchdown by QB Maciah Long. In a game that had important implications regarding playoff seeding, the Mustangs dominated on offense, defense and special teams.

Next up, North Shore plays Port Arthur Memorial November 6 at Port Arthur Memorial Stadium in Port Arthur, TX.


North Shore Mustangs

Pictured: The swarming Mustang defense frustrated the Bulldogs all night long.


North Shore Mustangs

Pictured: Bryant Badie broke Bulldog tackles on the way to the end zone.


North Shore Mustangs

Pictured: Isaiah Henry caught the ball and left a defender on the ground before scoring a touchdown for the Mustangs.





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