Local Weather Personality Visits Students at Jacinto City Elementary

Houston, Texas: Like a Houston thundershower in late summer, KTRK Channel 13 TV Meteorologist Travis Herzog took the first graders of Jacinto City Elementary (JCE) by storm when he visited their campus. In return he was showered with hugs and hi-fives by many of the students.

Since the first grade students at JCE keep daily weather journals and graphs, Ms. Malloy sent Herzog a message asking him to visit. Fortunately for the JCE first graders, Herzog supports the virtues of public education and agreed to visit the campus. “Public education is very important to me. I'm a proud product of the public school system of San Antonio, Texas,” he said.

Upon Herzog's arrival, the students were ready to listen, learn and ask questions. Herzog spent over an hour enthusiastically discussing hurricanes, storms, and other atmospheric events. He followed this by answering question from the students, such as: “What makes it rain?” “Why is the sky blue?” “What direction do hurricanes spin?”

When he was a child, a tornado that was spawned by Hurricane Gilbert took a course near his house. This sparked an interest in weather and the mysteries that surround it. Later, as a senior in high school, he had the opportunity to intern with a meteorologist in San Antonio. “I quickly realized that what I saw was a blending of a lot of fields that appealed to me. There was not only the weather and the science side, but it also had this entertainment and educational side, and a platform to reach people,” said Herzog. “It just seemed like that's what God had in store for me,” he added.

“Our first graders had a wonderful experience with the special visit from Mr. Herzog. It is very powerful when our students are able to make a real world connection with someone they see outside of the school, especially someone they see on TV,” said Jacinto City Elementary Principal Rebecca Gardea. “Mr. Herzog's visit with our first grade class may have inspired some of our students to become future scientists,” said Jacinto City Elementary First Grade Teacher Katie Malloy.


Travis Herzog

Pictured: Woodland Acres Middle School Principal Lee Ramirez (right) enthusiastically accepts a scrapbook of the school from the 1940's from Pat (Bowles) Cooper (left).


Travis Herzog

Pictured: After his presentation, Herzog was showered with hugs and high fives from the students.





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