The main focus of the Purchasing Department is to facilitate in the acquisition of goods and services in accordance with state and federal law in order to meet the needs of our campuses and departments.  It is the goal of the Purchasing Department to assist you in making your purchases and receiving your goods as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

Vendors wishing to do business with GPISD must submit a completed Vendor Application Packet for review.


The District uses many cooperative purchasing alliances for the procurement of goods and services. Utilizing these cooperatives allows the District to benefit from combined purchasing power while continuing to follow state, federal and District policy. The membership of these cooperatives is comprised of cities, schools, counties, universities, and other governmental entities. A list of purchasing cooperatives GPISD is affiliated with can be found here.

Contact Information

Name Title Phone Number Duties
Adrian Sloan Purchasing Coordinator 832-386-1008 Coordinating the Procurement Process
Lloyd Smith Buyer 832-386-1029

Bid Process/Processing of Purchase Orders

Mary Flores Purchasing Clerk 832-386-1009 Purchasing Procedures/Processing of Purchase Orders
Trini Mendoza Procurement Card Specialist 832-386-1181 Processing of Procurement Card Services