Best Practices: Texas Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs (2007)

The Texas School Safety Center completed a study on DAEP best practices. This report is now available for public viewing on our site.


DAEP Best Practices Report


Security Design Criteria Manual for Schools

The purpose of this reference manual is to provide school architects and school district personnel recommended criteria for constructing a secure instructional facility. The recommended criteria set forth in this reference manual are to be taken into consideration during the design process and are not meant to supersede local building codes or Texas Administrative Code Title 19, Chapter 61, Subchapter CC.


Building security encompasses how assets (people, information, and property) can be protected from the effects of malevolent acts carried out by individuals or groups of individuals (violent people, criminals, extremists and terrorists).


Security Design Criteria Manual


School District Safety and Security Audit Toolkit (Revised October, 2009)

The October 2009 revised School District Facility Safety and Security Audit Toolkit is now available for download. The audit toolkit consists of two parts, an introduction and the audit checklists. Together these constitute the audit toolkit. The toolkit can be downloaded and printed and also the checklists can be entered and stored electronically.


The introduction contains information about how to begin the audit process at your district facilities. It reviews the purpose of the audit and provides direction about how to set up and conduct an audit. The checklists are a series of excel spreadsheets which provide a format for evaluating a facility and providing data about the observations. Read More..


School District Facility Safety and Security Audit Toolkit Introduction (PDF)

School District Facilty Safety and Security Audit Toolkit Checklists(XLS)


Proactive Guide for the Threat of Terrorism in Schools

This Proactive Guide is a great resource to use in preparing and educating your schools on how to deal with the threat of terrorism.


Proactive Guide for the Threat of Terrorism in Schools


Free Downloads From the National School Safety Center


Homeland Security Color Coded Alert System for Schools

Managing Schools under Threat of Terrorism


Guide to Addressing Dating Violence

On May 18, 2007, Governor Perry signed House Bill 121 into law (TEC 37.0831). This law mandates that all school districts in Texas adopt and implement a dating violence policy. The Texas Dating Violence Prevention Team, a group of non-profits and government agencies, developed this document by pulling from several national model programs. A program created using this document would fulfill the requirements of the law by tracking the language of TEC 37.0831, including (1) a definition of dating violence, (2) sections on safety planning, (3) enforcement of protective orders, (4) school-based alternatives to protective orders, (5) training for teachers and administrators, (6) counseling for affected students, and (7) awareness education for students and parents.


Guide to Addressing Dating Violence