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The Galena Park Independent School District believes in the importance of keeping students safe and secure, whether they are in a classroom, an extracurricular activity or even traveling between school and home. Not only is keeping students safe and secure important, it is a priority.


In fact, the Galena Park Independent School District wants it's students to be safe even when they are at home, providing programs on fire safety, bad weather and avoiding illegal drugs and alcohol.


Each year, administrators review emergency procedures, security concerns and safety precautions for its students, families and staff.


The Galena Park Independent School District is improving its ability to respond in an emergency no matter how large or small. REMS Project Director Cheryl Vital is overseeing district-wide efforts to educate and train staff on the GPISD Emergency Operations Plan. (EOP)


The GPISD emergency plan addresses the four areas of crisis management: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The plan considers the needs of all students and staff. There is also special planning for students and staff with disabilities and those learning English.

The GPISD emergency management plan has been developed with help from the City of Galena Park Office of Emergency Management, the Harris County Department of Education, Harris County Office of Emergency Management, Judge Ed Emmett's Office, the City of Houston and many other dedicated professional organizations. Staff have and will continue to receive training in emergency related procedures, with mandated drills and exercises being essential parts of planning.


All GPISD sites have their own site-specific emergency plan and trained Emergency Response Team (ERT) members who continue to receive additional training on a regular basis. The ERT members are training staff within their sites on these emergency procedures and planning.


The goal is to institutionalize emergency planning into the day-to-day operations and management of each school and administrative site in the district.