Student Safety Information


Students have a role in school safety.


Get involved in keeping yourself and your school safe.

  • Follow the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Know and follow the school's safety policies.
  • Follow the school rules.
  • Confide with an adult (parent, teacher, counselor, etc.) when personally experiencing symptoms of depression.
  • Listen to the concerns of friends and encourage them to seek appropriate help.
  • Avoid becoming a victim--- avoid high-risk situations and seek help from adults.
  • Serve as a big brother/big sister, peer tutor, or mentor for a younger student.
  • Refrain from teasing, bullying, and harassing other students, and be tolerant of their differences.
  • Learn ways to resist negative peer pressure.
  • Speak out and refuse to participate in negative or criminal behavior.


For Safety Preparedness

  • Actively participate in school safety/violence prevention programs such as conflict management, problems solving teams, peer mediation, and community service.
  • Serve on the school safety team to provide ideas on how to improve school safety.
  • Work with teacher and administrators to develop a safe way to report threats.
  • Learn who to go to with information and concerns about known or potential violence, bullying, and harassment.
  • Immediately report suspicious behaviors, threats of violence, drug sale or use, bullying and victimization, vandalism, or suicide to school officials or other responsible adults.


For Responding to Crises Situations

  • In the absence of adult direction, decide where it is safest to be and remain there.
  • If a violent situation occurs, notify the first available adult.
  • Follow instructions of school, law enforcement officials or other emergency response personnel.
  • Assist teachers and staff in determining who is accounted for and who is not.
  • If able, assist injured persons.
  • Calm and reassure peers.


For Recovering from a Crisis Situation

  • Share all related information with law enforcement officials, teachers, and school staff.
  • Do not speculate or perpetuate rumors.
  • Seek counseling and other opportunities to deal with stress and grief.